What Happens

Welcome to the Couples Club!

When you arrive you will be greeted on the stairs by The Club host, after paying the entry fee plus the refundable $50 key deposit, you will be conducted upstairs to the bar, enjoy your drinks while you relax. Beside the bar is a comfortable Club Lounge area or you can move back to the Pool Room or the Garden Lounge. Chat with your partner or perhaps join in conversation with other couples.

It is not a pre-requisite to undress upon entry to the club.

Whenever you are ready, take a stroll downstairs to the locker room. Be sure to take a look, on the left hand side at the multiple shower and toilet facilities.

Every locker has an individual key and two sets of fresh clean towels as well as dressing gowns or sarongs for you to change into. Get yourself changed put all you cloths and shoes in the locker and keep the key on your wrist and then as you walk out of the locker room look ahead and you will see…The Spa!

The Spa

For many, the spa is where the fun first starts!

For many, this is where the fun first starts. Imagine sharing a spa which has been freshly cleaned and heated for your special night with other couples and single girls just like you, everyone is enjoying the very close company of new friends.

The bubbles, the heat, the drink, the atmosphere, the excitement…

Bar & Lounge

A lovely fireplace!

So what would you like to do next… you are refreshed and relaxed, the mood is right. The glasses of champagne are taking effect so you leave the spa, put on your gown and walk back to the bar and lounge and then into the first fun room for some playful games with your partner.

You can now hear noises from other rooms which all add to the excitement, and the time is right to explore some more, the lights are down and you are both ready…

Our Beds

You find one of the rooms where two couples are enjoying themselves.

You think shall we watch, shall we just enjoy ourselves whilst they watch, or shall we join in with them if they want us to?

The beds at the Couples ClubThe big bed

Decisions, decisions… Maybe take a look in the main room which is covered in soft mattresses and on a good night may contain a dozen or so couples all having fun…

We’ve a room for all tastes.

Do we need say any more… is this your scene?

How will you ever know if you don’t try?

For many, it has become the day of the week to look forward to, where new friendships are formed, and then consummated at The Couples Club.