We Came A Couple Of Months Ago

To: [email protected]  Subject: a couple of months ago.

Hi, we’re Denise + Jay, (and I’m Denise !) . This is sort of a thank you and a letter if you want to put it on your website. We went to The Couples Club about 3 months ago, well its taken this long to send you something so soreeeyy, but we had a great (our first) time. Very nice setting, you have a pretty and quite lavish club. We will be back next time we are in Sydney.
We were a bit nervous at the start but soon found ourselves in the bar with another couple called Jen and Sam who were also there for their first time ! Likes attract I think!

We were lucky we all walked in about the same time. We explained that we were not going to swing but just play with each other and enjoy the atmosphere, and let everyone enjoy us, and Jen said that was exactly what they were going to do too. Its exciting talking and giggling and then when you relax, realising that soon you are going to be nude with some people you’ve just met !
After lots of conversation with each other in the bar, all four of us had a walk around the club.

Of course we were dressed (or not too dressed !) appropriately for the different parts of the club we went to. Being nudey-beach goers we were used to being nude with other people around, but this was just a little bit more exiting.
Of course the spa was the last stop ! After that (and some submerged stroking that was just too obvious – especially after Sam got out of the spa !) all four of us realised that the next stop might be the group area.

When we got there we got plenty of inviting looks from the couples already there. Being new to this, we had four pounding hearts when we walked in. Jay and I began kissing and Jen and Sam began kissing, and after that we fitted in just right ! The rest was all a bit of a blur, but I remember a girl laying next to us having an orgasm with her man, and Its so nice to appreciate other people’s nude bodies doing more than laying on the beach. It was all very relaxed (except at those frantic moments !), with an equal number of guys and girls. And no, there were not erections waving everywhere !! Well, just enough anyway ! Jay and Sam were obviously quite happy !

My advice for newcomers – find another couple in the same boat and you will find a lot in common. Also, plenty of foreplay ! Guys listen !! – don’t start anything too soon even if other people around you are ! A couple you reaally like might come in later !
Just enjoying it at the same pace as another couple means you won’t get swept up in that big urge ! And this is a really unique experience so make it last. Also for you swinging guys; another girl will see how well you look after your partner and she might just keep you in mind if she is looking for a guy, although a lot of girls there want to be with other girls too.
Be prepared for other couples to ask if they can join you, but if you don’t want to you just say to each of the guy and girl in the couple that you are staying with each other that night they will usually get the message with all smiles.

It does get a bit crowded at times and if having other people touch your partner or yourself accidently (or not) worries you then maybe pick a quiet night if they have those.

If you like other couples seeing you then there are plenty of opportunities !

Thanks for a Great Night ! xxxxx

(Jay & Sam correct initials names changed)