John’s Story

tittle: Swinging in Sydney

I once read in a Hustler  Magazine in the 80’s an Article headed “The History of Swinging” it started off by saying “Group sex is not a new thing it has been around for ever, and more people joined together in orgies under the name of religion than at any other time, thousands would be involved and the high priest who presided over these events was “John (my surname)” amazing, it was my name how Bizarre, maybe I’ve come back as myself.

In Sydney it all really started with the publication of a magazine (paper) called Searchlight, published by a man who called himself Mr D, people would place ads with photos, this was revolutionary for the time, to be able to see nude photos and ads of like minded people you could contact and play with, and so the swinging scene in Australia – Sydney began.

Swinging parties then started to  happen, in peoples houses at first, and then in hotel rooms, the guy who organised these parties, was an  attractive guy in his 20’s called Rodger, Rodger would place an ad in Searchlight, saying  swinging couples will be meeting at a bar, giving the place time and date, all welcome, wear something yellow to be identified, they ended up being called yellow tie nights.

People would arrive look around the bar, spot someone with a yellow piece of clothing, there would be 30 or 40 couples, all crowded in a bar that usually was empty, the staff were all wondering where did all these people come from, and what’s with the yellow, great fun, how else could couples meet, there was no internet.
I went to my 1st meeting at the Five Doors Bar on Cleveland St, it was a real eye opener, I was very young only just old enough to be in a bar, there were lots of people too many really, so Rodger grabbed me and my girl, and took us over and introduced us to some other really attractive couples, there were about 25 couples in this section, we were all talking getting to know each other, I noticed all the time Rodger was working the floor, taking the not so attractive couples over to the other side of the bar, and getting them talking, then after a while I heard him say to the other crowd, “who has a place we can go to and have a party”, a couple said ’‘we do”, Rodger took out a pen and wrote down the address and handed it out, saying after a while “lets go we will see you there, OK bye see you soon, bye, and eventually off they all went, then to my amazement he came back to our group, and announced, “well that got rid of the ugly ones now lets all go back to my place for a party!”

So off we all went to Rose Terrace a very small lane parrell with oxford street behind what is now Good Bar, the place was small, we all packed in, people got down to fun, girls were half naked, guys were half naked, and in no time a full blown orgy was under way, I just stood there jammed against the wall looking in amazement, Rodger was standing his arms around two very attractive naked girls, and under the cramped conditions he stepped back right into me, he turned around and said “sorry mate who are you again?”, then he asked, “isn’t that your sexy lady over there?” I said yes, he then asked “why are you over here”, I replied “I am just watching”.

That was a moment for me, one of those moments you have only once in a life time, I had a strange feeling when the orgy started, the feeling that I was back home at last, I did not know why, (it would be 10 years till I read the article in hustler), I felt connected, it was a deep a very deep sense of belonging, I did not want to join in, I just wanted to savour that moment, it lasted and is still with me to this day, for me it is never about getting my rocks off, it’s almost spiritual, tapping these primal desires and instincts, instincts a select few people still have and act on, despite societies conditioning.

Rodger ran parties for many many years, and we are still close friends, he was Sydney’s original King of Swing, The next was Mr D he started to organise parties, and eventually opened Sydney’s 1st Swingers Club, in Cooper St Surry Hills,very near where The Couples Club is today, called the Penthouse Club, it was at the top of a six story building, people had a great time, this Club lasted about 2 years, the next guy who started to run things was Denis, he ran parties at his apartment on New South Head Rd, over looking Rushcutters Bay Park, it was now the mid 80’s we were all having a wild time, we would be with a dozen or more girls in a night, they loved it, we loved it, it was pre AIDS every one had unprotected sex, it was the norm, we didn’t know it, but times were about to change.
Denis eventually moved to a home unit in Elizabeth Bay, in the same Street as Toff Monks were my brother lived, after several years Denis sold out to a guy from Melbourne called Sergio, Sergio became the next King, he moved things to a terrace in Broham St. Kings Cross, and ran great parties there for years, there was a spa and a bar it was busy and a good looking crowd, I still see Sergio he is a cool guy.

In 1990, I went to a new club that I had heard was opening in Moore Park on South Dowling Street, the door was opened by a tall handsome blonde guy named Peter, there were about seven other couples, almost every one was under thirty and very attractive, especially the girls, three of the couples were international travellers, the night went off, a great success, and that night The Couples Club was born, and as fate would have it I was there.

The Club moved form Moore Park, to it’s current building in 1994, I continued going along and Peter and I became close friends, I had an interesting call from him in 2002, in fact most of the calls from Peter were interesting, he is a real character, he trained at NIDA, and loves to entertain every one, but this call went like this “Mate a girl wants to buy the Club, and I think I am going to sell.” I replied “Mate you can’t do that”, His reply was “I don’t want to sell to her, I want you to take over the Club, you have been living this lifestyle longer than any one, you should take over” he went on “I want to go, I’ve been doing this for twelve years, I am not making money, and I am sick of getting my cock sucked” so we did a hand shake, and I took over. (Imagine a job interviewer asking, Peter why did you leave your last job? Answer: “I was sick of getting my cock sucked”) The Couples Club is the longest running Swingers Club in Australia, it has been operating for over 20 years, and attracts couples from all walks of life. I feel privileged to be running The Club, a special place where peoples sexual fantasies come true, a club like no other in this country, and few overseas.

A Big Thank You to Peter and to the tens of thousands of couples who have visited The Couples Club over the years for making it what it is.


Best Wishes