A Chapter of John’s Book



I walked into The Club after midnight, Kendell the manager greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, we moved to the bar where a petty girl in a French maids out fit was busy serving drinks to couples.

Not what every one would think of as pretty, the bar girl’s hair was short cropped at one centimetre long all over her head, she had a very androgynous face that is to say it was hard to distinguish whether she was a very pretty boy or girl though her body was that of a girl – it was fabulous, the tightly tied maid’s top pushed up her bust showing off her large breasts.

Kendell introduced me saying Angie this is John, she broke into a big smile, and gave me the eye.

‘John,’ she asked, ‘Would you like something to drink?’  I replied, ‘Sure would you make a gin and tonic please ?’ she smiled nodded then moved off.

I chatted with Kendell until my drink arrived, then Kendell said to Angie and I, ‘Let’s all sit down there is a lull at the moment, most couples seem to be downstairs having sex.’

I looked around, there were only half a dozen couples left upstairs chatting here and there in the recesses of the club, almost hidden in the sexy red gloom of the place, a gloom unsuitable for any other nightclub but perfect for here.

We sat together on the red velvet lounges the girls sat on one at right angles to mine with Angie nearest me.

Once seated, I said, ‘I love the name Angie it reminds me of that Rolling Stones song “Angie”,
She said, ‘I love it too, I don’t want to use my real name I like the excitement of being in character, so please call me Angie,’ I said, ‘Pleased to meet you Angie,’ we all chatted.  Several times Angie went off to serve drinks, looking at her I thought, pity this girl is a dyke.

Some time later when we were all seated, Kendell said, ‘I didn’t expect to see you here tonight,’   I asked, ‘Why?’ She replied, ‘It’s the third Friday of the month or did you forget?’ I said, ‘Oh is it I did forget, Oh well too late now,’ Angie asked, ‘Too late for what?’ Kendell said, ’John always goes to the Hell Fire Club, it’s on tonight,’ Angie looked at me quizzically and asked, ‘Why don’t you go?’
I said, ‘I don’t like to go alone, it’s much more fun to go with someone,’ She look excited by the prospect, so I said, ‘Would you like come with me when you finish?’ She replied, ‘Sure, I’d love to but I have nothing to wear,’ ‘Wear your French maid’s outfit, you look perfect in that,’
‘She said, ‘That’s club property I couldn’t wear that!’
I asked, ‘What do you think Kendell, can she borrow that for the evening?’
Kendell smirked then said, ‘Sure no problem,’
I said, ‘I think we need to find you some hair, are you cool with that,’
Angie said, ‘I like my hair,’
I said, ‘I would like your hair too, but at the moment you don’t have any.’

On The Club bar in a reclining pose lives a mannequin, a beautiful Euro mannequin with her long legs in the air showing all present her bottom, she wears nothing but fishnets and a pair of sexy lace undies.

The effect is marvelous, she has perfectly shaped breasts, an amazing face with piercing blue eyes under a short cropped blonde wig.

I asked Kendell if Angie could try on the mannequin’s wig adding, ’It will look great on her.’

Kendell replied, ‘There is a sign “No Touching John” but for you I suppose she can,’ Kendell brought the wig over handing it to Angie she said, ‘Here you are, try it on,’

It looked as good on Angie as on the mannequin, Kendell and I both fell back on our lounges to admire her, then smiling we looked at each other nodding, Angie asked, ‘Well how’s it look?’ speechless at the transformation, eventually I said, ‘Go over to the round Versace mirror and take look for yourself,’

When she saw herself she shrieked, ‘Wow! That is amazing!’ turning this way and that to see the effect from all angles, she came back looked at me and asked, ‘How did you know that would look so great?’

‘Photographers know these things.’ was my reply.

Two couples came up together from the fantasy level below where they had obviously been having sex, they looked badly in need of a drink so the new Angie complete with hair went fix them one.

Kendell and I started laughing, Kendell said, ‘Did you notice she looks exactly like the mannequin with that wig on, exactly the same face and body,’  I said, ‘Yes they’re  identical twins.’

Once she had finished serving Angie came over all excited and said, ‘This is my first night and I am having so much fun, I didn’t believe  jobs like this existed’, Kendell said, ‘I know! That’s what I thought when I started here several years ago, this is the best job ever.’

Angie looked up at the clock and said, ‘The night is flying so fast and I don’t want it to end,’ I said, ‘It won’t end here, it’s going to be a big night, Hell Fire is loads of fun.’ Angie said, ‘Really! I have heard of it, but what goes on there? I have never been,’ I said, ‘It’s fun all fun you’ll love it.’

Half an hour before Angie was due to finish, Kendell said, ‘You guys can go have some fun if you like,’ saying to Angie, ‘Don’t worry I will pay you through to the end of your shift.

Angie replied, ‘Thank you so much,’ then looking at me she said, ‘I get to party and get paid too,’ We said our goodbyes and headed for Hell, I may as well take myself there I’ll probably be sent there anyway by St Peter.

Angie looked very special on the street a real shocker, the patrons at the KB Hotel next to the club all turned and stared as we passed to grab a cab.

Once on Oxford Street Angie was getting lots of admiring looks from both boys and girls.

Remember Oxford Street is the second gayest street in the world, behind Paulke Street in San Francisco.

We made our way across the street to Rouges night club’s back alley and the entrance to The Hell Fire Club.
As we walked between the convict carved stone walls, people were coming from the shadows to greet me, ‘You’re late tonight John’ said the first couple, I shook the guy’s hand and kissed the girl on the cheek, and so it went more or less all the way to the entrance.

As we queued Angie said, ‘Gee! you know a lot of people,’ I said, ‘Here I do,’ I had introduced Angie to everyone just saying this is Angie, because I could see they were puzzled as to who she was, or was it more than that, they seemed to be almost in shock when they saw her with me, I couldn’t understand why, my usual partner  was equally as attractive.

At the door we paid, got stamped and headed for the bar, as we pushed through the pack of half naked leather clad bodies, I received lots more greetings from both couples and singles with handshakes or embraces all round, I thought what’s with the strange looks Angie is getting.

We got a couple of drinks then Angie said, ‘Let’s dance,’ so we headed for the dance floor.

The dance floor was packed but still it seemed everyone was crowding around us, then some joined in dancing with us the scene was cool.

Angie being that way inclined was dancing with some of the hot young girls and touching them too on the breasts then moving in close slipping her hand down into their undies, then dirty dancing with their crutches touching and bumping in a slow grind and kissing as they danced.

More drinks more dancing more flirting – hard flirting, we were both doing it now fondling the girls, there must have had ten girls and five guys around us all wanting our attention, which we were giving out liberally.

Then a strange thing happened, Angie turned her attention to me, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth, then whispered, ‘Do you like your new bar girl?’
‘A lot,’ I replied, we kept up the embrace turning our attention to each other entirely for ages, when we came out of it, most of the others had drifted away.

I whispered into Angie’s ear, ‘Gee this is unusual for me on a dance floor!’ she asked,  ‘What?’ Without a word I took her hand and placed it on my half hard cock, she kissed me saying, ‘Glad to see I can do it for you,’ We left the floor, got a drink and moved to the dim back corner of the club, the dim light, the convict chiseled stone walls give the place a gothic dungeon feel.

Hell Fire is a bondage and discipline club, in this corner those activities take place, there’s an “A frame” where people can be bound and whipped.

An event was underway so we found a spot and settled down together to watch the action.

There was a girl in her late twenties being flogged, she noticed me and smiled, Angie asked, ‘Do you know her?’ I said, ’Yes, she comes to the club,’ Angie watched excitedly, I could see she was enjoying the whole thing, she said, ‘She looks so good up there, I want to have a go,’ I asked, ‘Have, you been flogged before?’ She replied, ‘Only when I have been very naughty,’ adding, ‘And I can be very naughty at times! – yes!’

When the event was over, Angie went up to the guy with the whip and said, ‘Can I be next’, he looked her over smiled then nodded without saying a word.

She came back and all excited, I still think there is something quite strange about a pretty young girl, being all excited because she is about to be flogged.

She said all excited, ‘He will flog me.’ I said, ‘No he want!’ She looked crestfallen and asked, ‘Ah, why not?’ I said, ‘Because I am going to flog you myself!, She said, ‘But he is a master,’  I said, ‘He can tie you, I get to flog you,’ She asked, ‘Are you any good?’

‘I was given a stock whip by my Uncle George for my ninth birthday, I said, ‘For tricks I used to flick cigarettes out of my friends’ mouths I crack a mean whip, I can certainly handle a flogger,’ Angie went back to the master and told him what the deal was.

The girl he had just flogged had obviously told the master who I was, other wise he would never have agreed to such terms.

Masters live to flog, to flog a petty girl like Angie is something special.

Rake as I now know him, made a big thing of binding Angie he did a great job he is an expert with rope.

I could see Angie was almost orgasming while being tied, she was taking deep breaths looking at me and biting her bottom lip, all haired up in her wig and looking gorgeous.

Rake had insisted she remove her maid’s skirt and under skirts, then he tied her doubled over the A frame with her fishnets down to her knees with her bare ass prone, to be whipped.

Her wrists and ankles were tied down at floor level, she looked great ass up high and perfectly ready, with the crack of her vagina slightly open and her little brown bum hole visible not only to me but everyone behind her, and that is how she was presented to me.

Master Rake handed me the whip presenting it horizontally the way a sword would be presented to a knight of the realm, saying very formally, ‘Here Sir! I have prepared her for you, she is nicely warmed up, I have given her ten lashes,’ I thanked him.

And so under the watchful eye of one hundred spectators I commenced with the flogging of Miss Angie.

Flogging is very like seduction itself, you must start soft and slow just feeling your way, seeing how the recipient is receiving you.

I landed my first stroke softer than a butterfly’s kiss upon her bare bottom, a whisper, just a falling caress with the whip.

Finding my rhythm I increase my speed along with the level of pain being metered out, increasing as Angie’s pain threshhold built, after fifty or sixty lashes, I was up to speed and so was Angie.

I had been flogging her butt cheeks one after the other, in a figure eight rhythm and they were flushed bright pink now, seeing she was ready I landed two heavy blows up the middle of her back followed by a really hard third blow.

I swung the whip up over my shoulder backwards coming up softly between her legs on her vagina she jumped, Good I thought.

After several more blows on her back and up between her legs, I walked around front to see she was OK I had missed the fact that Angie had been gimped, by the master.

She had a small rubber ball tied in her mouth, called gymping to stop her screaming out.

Gymping also increases the effect of surrender on the person, of giving themselves over, being subjugated if you like, handing over their well being and safety to another person and that is what this is all about.

The Master or the Top as he is called, is fully responsible for the safety of the Bottom, the person under his control and the Top’s responsibility is not to be taken lightly, this is not kindergarten playtime.

Angie had made no sign, ‘Are you ok?’ I asked she could not speak so she nodded and looked at me big eyed.

I went back to giving her what she was after, an extreme sexual experience.
I built my tempo again and started to flog her legs, being careful stockings when struck may break her skin.
Building – building, bum cheeks, back, vagina, vagina again, I was looking for the sign as to what excited her most?
Flogging her pussy not too hard seemed to be the way so I worked on that.

After ten blows to her vagina she started to cum.

Writhing in her restraints, bucking her ass up to meet my whips fall, I was going fast, hard and fast, and her orgasm seemed to be in tune with the whip strokes, then she went into a multiple orgasm a constant orgasm in which she shuddered, writhing against the ropes that held her, then after she finally finished I slowed the pace to bring her down again slowly, when my blows were again like caresses and she was relaxed,  I just let her lay there in post orgasmic bliss.

I looked around the crowd now my focus was not else where, both men and women were giving me the thumbs up for a good job well done.

I presented Rake his whip as he had presented it to me, and thanked him for allowing me the pleasure.
Then we both released Angie from her bonds.
I put my arm around her waist and helped her to the nearest lounge as people made way for us to pass.

I un-gymped her, she threw her arms around my neck then put her head on my shoulder, I whispered into her ear, ‘Are you Ok?’
She nodded and whispered back, ‘I never felt better in my whole life – thank you,’ Then she just slumped in my arms.

I couldn’t help thinking this is what it’s all about, a night like this.

After a time we drifted over towards the part of the club where the swingers gather, all regulars at The Couples Club.

As we approached I could see everyone was remarking to each other about Angie.

Then on arrival five people came up to us lead by Arnie and Alex a tall very attractive blonde in her early twenties, she said, ‘So John, we all want to know how did you do that?’ looking at Angie, I didn’t know what she ment so I didn’t reply, she went on,

‘We have all been talking about it and everyone agrees, John, you have brought the mannequin from The Club with you tonight as your date, and we want to know how you did that, how did you bring her to life?’

I started laughing, now I know what all the stares at Angie were all about, she looked so much like the maniquin they thought it was her.
An image of the mannequin came into my head again then looking at Angie it was all too bizarre I got their point.
They were serious they wanted an answer.
So I said, ‘How I brought her to life is a secret! My secret! But I must say she looks better in life don’t you think?’
Every one gave a little clap.

Then someone kissed Angie on the cheek, then Alex said, ‘Welcome to life Angie,’ and kissed her full on the lips slipping her tongue in Angie’s mouth, this had been a big night for Angie so I prised them apart, but the night was about to much bigger, for both of us.

David and Allison, a very attractive couple who run Angels and Demons, a monthly party at The Couples Club, were on the dance floor when we got there, David said, ‘This place is closing soon, lets go to the Columbian for one drink on our way to Arq, I agreed so we all headed out together.

Arq is predominantly a gay club with straights thrown into the mix, at dawn, the mix is always good.

The dim lighting and lasers along with fantastic throbbing music all go to zoning you out, we were all dancing, getting quite fucked up now, tired and drunk.

Angie was kissing and hugging me at times while we danced, I said, ‘I thought dykes didn’t fuck boys,’ she said, ‘I have and do fuck boys – not my preference -With me,’ she said, ‘it’s all about the flavor, if I can get into a guy – I will fuck him,’
I said, ‘Sounds like a big tease to me,’
She laughed then replied, ‘If we’re going out in six months you can fuck me,’
I replied, ‘If we’re still going out in six months you need to be fucked.’
She laughed again then said, ‘I need to take a pee come with me.’

We went into the ladies toilet together, I don’t know why they call it that, twenty guys were in there and only one girl? Angie, we went into a cubicle together.

She started to kiss me on the mouth, I got her tits out by untying the maid’s top, she pulled away slipped down her fishnets and sat on the toilet, I pulled her stockings down to her ankles to give me a better look, as she spread her legs.

I hadn’t seen her nice young little pussy up close until then, I went to touch it, but she said, grabbing my wrist, ‘You can touch but not inside,’
‘Ok,’ I replied, So I rubbed the outside till the pee started to flow, then I soaked my fingers in it and raised them to her mouth, saying, ‘Lick,’ she licked.  ‘Do you taste as good as you look,’
She smiled and said, ‘Yeah,’
As Angie stopped peeing she started to play with herself, saying, ‘I have to cum some more,’ she was sitting back on the toilet rubbing her clit hard, she looked up and said, ‘Wank! please wank! I want to watch,’ my cock was soft so I said, ‘See what can you do with this,’ still playing with her clit, she said, ‘Put it in my mouth, I’ll get him hard,’ I did and she did get me hard almost instantly.

I took her wig off while she was sucking me just to see what it would look like and placed it in my back pocket.

Fuck she looked androgynous.

Because I was in a gay club, you would have sworn I was in the toilet with a young gay guy getting sucked off, I put my hands around the back of her bald head while I rammed my cock as far as I could down her throat,  I fucked her face like that for some time, we were both loving it.

Then I moved down and started to lick her clit in competition with her fingers, her head was back and she was about to cum when –Bang! – Bang! Hard on the toilet door and a voice called, ‘Security! – come out!’

Fuck! We both looked at each other, I was down on my knees so I looked behind me and saw there were two big black boots under the toilet door, I thought, Shit No, then the boots went up on their toes, I looked up and a big head came over the door, and said, ‘What’s going on in here?’
I said, ‘Just give us a minute,’
He said, ‘No come out – Now!
I said, ‘Ok – Ok let us get our shit together,’
He said, Make it quick!’

Angie was in a panic, she whispered, ‘Fuck we are going to get thrown out!’
I said softly, ‘No I’ll handle it.’ She had taken her stockings all the way off in the course of things and was trying to put them back on,
I said, ‘Forget that, trading the wig for the stockings,
I said, ‘Put this on lets go,’
She said, ‘Fuck I am so horny I need to cum,’
I said,  ‘Come on lets get the fuck out of here,’
She said, ‘No I am needing to pee again,’ I opened the door and stepped out, the bouncer said, ‘What’s going on?’ and pushed the door open again, I looked back in and there was Angie sitting peeing, she said to the bouncer, ‘Do you mind I am peeing,’ but he continued to hold the door open watching.

Angie so as to prove she was in fact peeing or just to prove she was in fact a dirty little girl, leaned back to show him her pee, the problem was in doing so the pee shot up over the top of the toilet hitting the floor at the bouncers feet, splashing piss all over his boots and the bottom of his pants.

I though fuck Angie! don’t make this any worse than it is and I pulled the door out of the bouncer’s hand closed, he looked in my backpocket and said, ‘Are those her stockings?
I said, ‘Yes’
He said, ‘Get her to put them back on,’ sure now he just wanted to perv, I said, ‘No – She wants them off.’

Angie came out and walked straight past the bouncer to the wash basin she washed her hands, then as she finished at the basin, I said, ‘Come on,’ she fell in behind me as we moved through the washroom doorway back into the club, totally ignoring the bouncer as we went, he’d had his perv and stood aside letting us go.

Back on the dance floor we zoned out and lost all track of time, some time later who knows how long, Angie said, ‘Lets go out I need a smoke.’

The fresh air was great but the sun was well up, that always fucks with my head going into the light of day from cyber space is always a cruel thing, on seeing the world again all so bright and real, I looked around and said to Angie and the assembled smokers, ‘If this is reality give me a good fantasy anytime.’

We went back to cyberspace until Arq closed at nine thirty that morning.

Then we headed back to The Club so Angie could change into her civvies.

I lay on the bed wasted watching her undressed then start dressing she looked great totally naked, then with nothing else but a pair of little boys undies on, She said, ‘I want to sit on your dick so I can feel it through my undies,’ she straddled me rubbing my cock on her clit as I sucked her nipples.  I didn’t need to fuck her like most guys would have, for me it’s all about the journey and the fun, we had had a great night together, and our friendship was new,  so I said, ‘Lets go.
She finished dressing while I straightened myself up.

We embraced on the street she went one way I went the other.

As she walked off she called over her shoulder, ‘I like my new job,’ then with a big smile, ‘And – My new boss!’ blowing me a kiss.

(True story)

Only the Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
The What?