Last friday / Testimonial

The Couples Club,

Thank you very much for a fantastic night on Friday night, It was a great
We came to the club full of nerves, and unsure of what to expect, we rang the bell and were met by a very friendly hostess and were asked if we had been before, when we said it no, she could not have been more helpful and explained how the club worked.

We then went up to the bar area and had a glass of wine, it was just like the lounge of any club, with good music playing, although the hard core porn on the tv behind the bar said we were not in any normal club!

There was just one other couple in the club when we arrived, and we quickly got chatting to them as we played pool, there was an immediate spark between the two girls with a bit of flirting going on. Aftera little while they asked if we wanted to go to the spa downstairs, and we headed off to the changing area.

We got out our locker key and with a few nerves we stripped off and put our sarongs on to go to the spa.We all climbed in together and chatted for a little while and then the girl started sucking the other guys cock, bit of a surprise, although it shouldn’t have been I spose! My girl was not interested in another guy that night, she wanted to try another girl so when the guy tried touching her, she declined his interest and we got out to have a look around the rest of the play areas.

We first came across a small room with a couple of matressess and saw 3 more couples that had came in playing in that room and we watched them for a little while before moving on to the main play area.It had about 12 mattrassess on the floor and although it was empty we were feeling so horny that we dropped our sarongs and I lay my girl down and started to lick her wet pusssy as she stroked her beautiful breasts, she then started sucking my cock.

After a couple of minutes we decided to go for another drink and headed back to the bar area, there were few more couples in by this time and we all introduced ourselves and just chatted, It was then that my girl started chatting to an american girl and the atmosphere was electric between them!

It was not long before we were back in the spa and the two girls were kissing and touching each other, it was a very erotic sight. the girls then moved to the main play area as her guy and myself chatted for a couple of minutes before following them through, what an amazing sight it was when we saw them, my girl was laid back stroking her breasts and playing with her nipples as the american girl had her tongue licking gently at my girls clit and was putting her fingers in too making my girl even hornier! the american girls man asked if he could suck my girls nipples but she declined and he respected that.

Then they changed places and my girl went down on her and we both touched her and then we both started sucking her nipples as we touched each other.The sight of these two beautiful girls making love brought a few more couples through to watch and it clearly got them horny too as a few started playing and swapping as they watched. All the guys respected the girls when they declined the advances, except one who was a bit forceful and had to be told a couple of times, which was a bit annoying.

All and all an amazing night, one we will never forget, in fact when we got home, we never got to sleep for hours as we were so horny from the experience!

We were made to feel so comfortable and it didnt even feel strange to be sitting in the bar area surrounded by topless girls, and at no time did it feel sleazy or dirty.

We hope to be back this friday and if its half as good as the first time, another great night is promised.
I would say if anyone is interested in gentle swinging, the couples club is the best place to go first.
If you are in any doubt,email the club, they are superb and will put you at ease.


Mel & David