First Timmers (as it happened)

Hi John

My husband and I came to the club 3 weeks ago on Friday first timers night.
It was our first time in this situation and were both excited and nervous at the same time.
The set up of the club was very warm and the staff were very friendly.

We were first to arrive that night because we didn’t know how it “worked” so we wanted to be sure before beginning and also thought it would be good to watch who turned up.

We got our locker key and went to the bar where we were introduced to the hostess and got a drink, we then took a seat on one of the couches near the bar where we could see everyone arriving.
After about half an hour people began arriving. We decided to have a look around and ended up playing pool with another couple. I had never played before and was thrilled at all the help I received!!

After this ice breaker we decided to go down get changed and go to the spa to continue with our new friends in the spa. There were another three couples already in the spa and this was really the defining moment of when we took the plunge,  took off our club robes and got in. At first it felt surreal to me, I can’t believe how liberating it was for us.

The other couples were so friendly and it was really good to mix with other like minded people. After a 15 min sit and chat in the spa it was time to take a walk on the wild side and we went down into the play rooms and connected with another couple who were regulars. They gave us some helpful tips and then we proceeded to have some exciting times. After about an hour we moved around to the B & D room and I had a go on the swing, very nice!  We then met up with another couple we had met in the spa and had more fun! By this time it was 2am and we could not believe how fast the time had flown.

Well it was time for us to go home but we also had some fun in the cab on the way back to the hotel. We had a great time and talk about our wonderful experience a lot. We will be back and will treat ourselves two or three times a year.

I hope this email is helpful to any other couple who has been thinking about doing this but too afraid to have a go. There is no pressure to participate, give it a go and I expect you will have a lot of fun like we did – remember you are on this earth for a good time not a long time!