A Young Couple’s First Time

It’s 10pm on a chilly Autumn Sydney night. My girl and I are standing in front of a large steel door in an innocuous side street. There is a little button next to the door that reads “The Couples Club”.

We are about to be in an orgy with total strangers.

How did we end up here? How has this happened?

Rewind back 18 months. I was recently divorced. Luckily I met a fantastic, wonderful woman who was in the same situation as I. We hit it off, and fell in love. Our sex life was good, damn good actually. We kept on pushing boundaries, trying new things and talking about our desires. Melinda (named changed) told me she wanted to try another girl. I thought about this for a microsecond, cried tears of happiness & told her I would support her.

Melinda had been on a few disastrous dates and was rather frustrated that she had not found the right girl. One night I was chatting to a girl on ICQ and she casually suggested I try a certain little club in Sydney. Melinda and I looked at the website which was quite impressive, and we decided to give it a go. The club is the only one in town where single men and prostitutes were not allowed; you have to be part of a couple or a single girl to get in. We discussed ground rules in advance; Melinda was going to try her luck with girls. She was not ready to see me with another girl, as she was nervous enough about the life-changing experience she hoped would happen. If all went well we may change the rules for our next visit, if there was to be one. I would be lying if I said I was not a little disappointed with this, but I understood where Melinda was coming from and accepted it.

The drive into Sydney saw us say hardly a word. We were excited, nervous and very curious all at once.

Once inside we were met by an attractive lady in her early 30’s who took our $140 entry fee and explained the workings of the club. We went right to the bar and downed a few champagnes to calm our nerves, then looked around. We were in a large lounge bar room which looked very tasteful. It could have been anylounge bar, except for the 40 inch plasma TV on the wall that was showing hard core porn. We looked around and saw about 10 other well dressed couples, aged 20 to about 45. All were sitting alone and clearly nervous. It was like a high school dance, everyone too scared to make a move.

After a drink or 5 we started playing pool. A couple came up and we played a game of doubles. She was a very attractive brunette, he was about 40 and a bit fat. After small talk she asked Melinda what she wanted. Melinda told her she wanted to play with me and a girl, but not another man. Her man lost interest & took his girl away; if he could not get any luvvin’ he saw no need to talk to us.

Eventually we made our way downstairs to the 14 person spa. There were a few couples in there, all naked. We both said , “to hell with it” and stripped off. We jumped in & the water felt great. Melinda started talking to a girl called Mysti and her man. Within a few minutes the girls were kissing. Both seemed rather happy with it too! Mysti slowed it down as she could see Melinda was nervous. At this time I was sitting next to Melinda & felt her hand on my old fellah. The handjob felt fantastic, but under the bubbles I could not see a thing. Melinda looked at me strangely after a while and said “Babe, that’s not me doing that!” Mysti was a bit closer that I thought!!! I almost passed out with embarrassment, but we all had a great laugh & it broke the ice. Mysti and Melinda played some more, but as her man was not going to be included, they went off to a room.

We got out of the spa and went to the main orgy room. It was a room with nothing but 12 large mattresses on the floor, and containers for condoms and tissues. All the other couples were there. It was obvious there was multiple partner swapping going on. It seemed the order of the night was for partners to swap while the 2 women involved kissed while being shagged. Two women were having sex with 2 men at the same time. We laid down and started having sex. Mysti laid down next to us and started kissing and fondling Melinda while her man did her. Melinda loved it, and did not seem to mind too much when Melinda kissed me too.

The night continued on in that vein. Melinda did not get exactly what she wanted, but we both had an excellent night. We were making plans to return before we left.

One of the things that struck me about the club was apart from about 5 very stunning women, everyone there was just so normal. They could easily be your neighbour, librarian or your parents. There were no men with gold chains and fertility symbols on their chests, no skanky Jerry-Springer Ho’s. These are people with two things in common: very secure relationships and a love of sex. I would say about 95% of the women were bisexual. I did not see any men getting it on, which was a relief.

Clearly the club is not for everyone. I would not recommend going there if you are not comfortable with seeing your partner with another person/persons. Melinda does not want any other man than me, and (just about) all the men only have to be told once and back off, but she still gets a hand on the bum & breast now and then. I would not recommend going to the club if your relationship is not in a very healthy state. I can almost guarantee you that it will cause problems if you do. If you do want to go, talk to your partner openly and honestly, and make sure you establish rules.

Going to the club has been an amazing eye opening experience for us. We have met some really good people there from varied backgrounds and age. We now go every 5-6 weeks. Every time is different, which makes it more exciting. We have expanded our rules 1 step at a time and are both very happy with what happens there. I can honestly say it has brought a lot closer, as we can be open with our desires and share the experiences. I would not call us swingers as we do not do full swaps, but we have a fantastic time every time. Since then we have been to the club about 12 times. We now go with Melinda’s girlfriend and will continue to go whenever time and finances allow it.

Like I said, swinging is not for everyone, but if you and your partner are curious enough, why not give it a go?