A Single Girl’s First Time Experience

As I made my way into the club, I glanced back at the couple behind me. I could tell they were thinking: Will we be having sex with her later?

It was 10pm on Friday night, but this was no ordinary Club: I was making my 1st visit to a Swingers Club in Commonwealth St Surry Hills in Sydney. I always wanted to expand my sexual horizons and I decided not to wait around till I had a boy friend who would come along with me. So I called The Couples Club to find out more.

“We’d love you to come”, the manager John said “We only let couples in and we get a few single girls too”.

If anyone approaches you and you don’t want them to, just brush their hand away. We have strict rule of conduct”.

On the big day, I couldn’t concentrate at work. When I got home, I had a big Gin and Tonic, defuzzed every where and dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a new top, then called a cab, I figured I couldn’t turn up to a sex club on the bus!

I paid the $40 to get in and went up to the night club level, on the top floor, wow it looked good, red mood lighting with mirror balls and red velvet lounges, the bar girl looked even better wearing a French Maids out fit, and what a great pair of legs, she asked me my locker number, wrote that on my bottle and poured me a glass of champagne.

Most people there were in their mid-thirties, attractive and, like me nervous.

They were easy to chat to, but I didn’t let the conversation get too personal. I didn’t find myself massively attracted to anyone, but no one turned me off, I was the only single person there but didn’t feel embarrassed. In fact, I was keen to get down to business!!

At about 11pm we all moved downstairs to the Jacuzzi area; pretty soon we were all naked in the tub. There was lots of talking, but everyone seemed to be ignoring the private parts bobbing on the surface, so I desided to get the ball rolling. I turned towards the man on my left, took his penis in my hands, then started to go down on him. That was all it took! He started fondling the women on his left and it became a floating orgy. I felt someone massage my breasts from behind and lick my butt.. the anonymity was a huge turn-on.

We then headed over to the main sex room, on the way, we passed a performance area which had a sex sling and some light D & B equipment which looked very exciting. In the main room, people were getting into it in all combinations on a huge mattress, it was hard to work out who was doing who! I was very aroused and immediately got in on the action. At first I sucked off a guy, while his girlfriend went down on me. I reckon by the end of the evening I’d had “intimate encounters” with most of the people there, excluding an older couple! I surprised myself by not wanting full penetrative sex. I found every thing else enough of a turn on and didn’t need to go any further.

The best part of the action for me was the girl on girl action. Even though I’M hetero, I’d always wanted to have sex with a woman and I wasn’t disappointed-it was the perfect place to try this out. At the end of the night I was so proud of myself for living out my sexual fantasies.

I’m planning another trip to The Couples Club in a few months, and if I ever I get to that stage of a relationship with a man, I’ll drag him along. I’d love to try out the sex sling and other equipment I saw. But I’m not comfortable doing that with a stranger.