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Article on a visit to The Couples Club by Genevieve Perez.  June 2018 
Titled:   'I went to a Sex Club with my husband'   Check it out Link Below


Halloween Thank You Note     6th November 2019

Hi John 
We would like to Thank you for the opportunity to visit your club 
As newbies and have never done anything like this we were very nervous.  
We contemplated on not going in the hours leading up to club opening on Saturday night.   
We pushed ahead and rang the buzzer at the front door we were greeted with a friendly voice welcoming us on up.
Once we nervously made our way up the stairs we were greeted by the hostess that made us feel very welcomed and relaxed we were first on the list.
Once we laid eyes on the nightclub  we felt at home the attention  to detail was outstanding  we handed over our bottle of JD to the very cute bar staff which she made our drinks and we were off to explore soon after we were greeted  by other patrons  who all treated us with the utmost respect  we worked our way around upstairs in amazement  talking and taking everything  in  and the Halloween  theme 
We couldn't believe we were here.

Still being a little nervous we had a few drinks and went out to the smoking area.
Once we worked up the courage we went downstairs for a look it was quiet at that time we wandered through the rooms in amazement seeing a few couples already playing at ten o'clock.
We decided to dress drown and have a spa.
This didn't last very long as we were off in the playrooms and had a memorable time it was our first play in a sex club by the end we were so turned on. 
Just before our climax, we were slapped from behind from someone in the dark. 
We both burst out in laughter  
We were smiling from ear to ear.

We finished up and headed upstairs the stripper was about to start the music  started "yes it was Rob zombie" and the stripper was themed Halloween  lol this was one of my greatest night's I'd ever experienced after that the club was pumping it was packed we decided to go back downstairs,  but due to drinking a little to much to beat the nerves to start with and it being packed downstairs  we decided  to just go join in the fun again.

But to anyone interested  in going I'd highly recommend  an experience, we will never forget  and can't wait to get back there one day  your club is like an addiction 
Thank you for helping us into the lifestyle I wanted to tell so many people.
Kind regards 
Cloe and Brad

Youngish Couples Sunday Night      3rd June 2019

Hi John
Just a quick note to let you know that we had a great time on Thursday night. 
Beth and Scottie are amazing assets to your business.   
They were that great combination of friendly and approachable, but also completely professional.  
We can't wait to get back for a Friday or Saturday night.   
The single men dynamic was one that was a fantasy of ours, but I think more couples is on the list for next time. 
Have a great week. 
Thanks again, 
Kylie & Brian  

 Oct 31, 2018 at 6:49 PM Adam
 Hi from Andrew,
My wife and l want to visit your club this Friday.
She has been really wanting to go there she is very sexually active but I'm a bit shy.
This Friday is you new members night 1st of the month.
l am not sure how it works and am quiet nervice too.
But l think it would great fun.
Can you tell me the gide lines.  
How to start.
Thanks from Andrew     
Subject: Re: New to Club
1 November, 2018, 2:09 PM

 Hi Andrew.
The club is like a bar or nightclub with the option to play with people you meet if they also like you.
There is no pressure to play at The Club.
My Advise would be:
Both dress to look good as if you were going out to dinner or a nightclub.
Settle at the bar have a few drinks relax and let the night unfold.
You Will  Have Fun.

Hi John
My wife and l went to the club on Friday.
l was still very nervous and shy well that's just me.
Well, we had a great time very friendly bar girl and manager.
I found the place well layed out.
The other people were all friendly, the stripper best show l have seen l and my wife loved her act.
After the spa we had, l was very relaxed my wife had a couple of guys and l had a great girl who screwed my brains out that was great, my wife loved to see me have fun we all will be back soon for more fun.


September 2018

Hi John, 
I just wanted to congratulate you on having such a great venue. My partner and I visited last weekend, and we had a fabulous time. We are in our mid-forties and there were a great range of couples both younger and older or similarly aged to us, and everyone was polite clean and respectful. Your bar staff were very friendly and the stripper was fantastic. The only thing I could possibly suggest would be having some more cotton robes as well as sarongs available for guests. This was our first time to such a club and we will definitely be back.

Suz and Ian

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May 2018

Greetings John,
It was very honorable of you to respond in such a frank and candid manner.
For this, thank you very much.
It is only the loyal faithful that can carry on an enterprise the way you do. 
So in this respect, please accept my thanks for providing a well-run service to the population of Sydney and wider parts of Australia.

Whilst in Qld a while back, we visited a club.
A total disaster and no one there really understood the concept of what a swingers club was to be. 
Rest assured you possess something that the others don’t.
That is why we came back to you.
I hope you have a good week and an even better weekend.

And I hope to see you again sometime in the near future.
Best regards to you and your staff, from Melanie and myself. 



ANGELS & DEMONS has New Young Hosts

John has appointed Chris and Lucy to host Angels and Demons Parties, along with a team of hot young lingerie wearing bar staff.

Chris 29, has worked at the club and played in Sydney’s adult party scene since he was 20. Lucy, 25, has been at the club, earning her place as customer favourite, since she was 19.

Their love of the club, the lifestyle and the people is clear as they help bring the experience to life for all guests from the curious to confident and from first-timers to regulars.

Some fresh ideas and the atmosphere they create both behind the bar and while mixing with the crowds, will make Angels a hotter new event. With sexier skilful strip shows, banger tunes, sensual visuals, fun competitions and a few other surprises along the way. Prizes and glory are also up for grabs for the Best Dressed Couple of the month, The Angel of the month and some ad-hock ‘top effort’ and ‘best fantasy’ bonuses thrown in. Be At The Next Party Meet Chris, Lucy and all the Angels. (Second Friday Monthly) Cost: Sexy Dressed Couples $100 before 10.30pm then $130. Single Girls $30. Normal Dressed Couples $150

Youngish Couples Sunday Night

Hi John
Just a quick note to let you know that we had a great time on Thursday night. 
Beth and Scottie are amazing assets to your business. 
They were that great combination of friendly and approachable, but also completely professional.  
We can't wait to get back for a Friday or Saturday night. 
The single men dynamic was one that was a fantasy of ours, but I think more couples is on the list for next time. 
Have a great week. 
Thanks again, 
Kylie & Brian  

A Single Girl’s First Time Experience

As I made my way into the club, I glanced back at the couple behind me. I could tell they were thinking: Will we be having sex with her later?

It was 10pm on Friday night, but this was no ordinary Club: I was making my 1st visit to a Swingers Club in Commonwealth St Surry Hills in Sydney. I always wanted to expand my sexual horizons and I decided not to wait around till I had a boy friend who would come along with me. So I called The Couples Club to find out more.

“We’d love you to come”, the manager John said “We only let couples in and we get a few single girls too”.

If anyone approaches you and you don’t want them to, just brush their hand away. We have strict rule of conduct”.

On the big day, I couldn’t concentrate at work. When I got home, I had a big Gin and Tonic, defuzzed every where and dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a new top, then called a cab, I figured I couldn’t turn up to a sex club on the bus!

I paid the $40 to get in and went up to the night club level, on the top floor, wow it looked good, red mood lighting with mirror balls and red velvet lounges, the bar girl looked even better wearing a French Maids out fit, and what a great pair of legs, she asked me my locker number, wrote that on my bottle and poured me a glass of champagne.

Most people there were in their mid-thirties, attractive and, like me nervous.

They were easy to chat to, but I didn’t let the conversation get too personal. I didn’t find myself massively attracted to anyone, but no one turned me off, I was the only single person there but didn’t feel embarrassed. In fact, I was keen to get down to business!!

At about 11pm we all moved downstairs to the Jacuzzi area; pretty soon we were all naked in the tub. There was lots of talking, but everyone seemed to be ignoring the private parts bobbing on the surface, so I desided to get the ball rolling. I turned towards the man on my left, took his penis in my hands, then started to go down on him. That was all it took! He started fondling the women on his left and it became a floating orgy. I felt someone massage my breasts from behind and lick my butt.. the anonymity was a huge turn-on.

We then headed over to the main sex room, on the way, we passed a performance area which had a sex sling and some light D & B equipment which looked very exciting. In the main room, people were getting into it in all combinations on a huge mattress, it was hard to work out who was doing who! I was very aroused and immediately got in on the action. At first I sucked off a guy, while his girlfriend went down on me. I reckon by the end of the evening I’d had “intimate encounters” with most of the people there, excluding an older couple! I surprised myself by not wanting full penetrative sex. I found every thing else enough of a turn on and didn’t need to go any further.

The best part of the action for me was the girl on girl action. Even though I’M hetero, I’d always wanted to have sex with a woman and I wasn’t disappointed-it was the perfect place to try this out. At the end of the night I was so proud of myself for living out my sexual fantasies.

I’m planning another trip to The Couples Club in a few months, and if I ever I get to that stage of a relationship with a man, I’ll drag him along. I’d love to try out the sex sling and other equipment I saw. But I’m not comfortable doing that with a stranger.

Single Girl On Sunday

To John, John and Stella,

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for making my first experience (solo too) so fun and memorable.. I was very nervous when I got there but with your help, I was able to relax and really enjoy myself.
Will hopefully see you again soon!

Laura,nervous single girl drinking champagne.

We Came A Couple Of Months Ago

To: [email protected]  Subject: a couple of months ago.

Hi, we’re Denise + Jay, (and I’m Denise !) . This is sort of a thank you and a letter if you want to put it on your website. We went to The Couples Club about 3 months ago, well its taken this long to send you something so soreeeyy, but we had a great (our first) time. Very nice setting, you have a pretty and quite lavish club. We will be back next time we are in Sydney.
We were a bit nervous at the start but soon found ourselves in the bar with another couple called Jen and Sam who were also there for their first time ! Likes attract I think!

We were lucky we all walked in about the same time. We explained that we were not going to swing but just play with each other and enjoy the atmosphere, and let everyone enjoy us, and Jen said that was exactly what they were going to do too. Its exciting talking and giggling and then when you relax, realising that soon you are going to be nude with some people you’ve just met !
After lots of conversation with each other in the bar, all four of us had a walk around the club.

Of course we were dressed (or not too dressed !) appropriately for the different parts of the club we went to. Being nudey-beach goers we were used to being nude with other people around, but this was just a little bit more exiting.
Of course the spa was the last stop ! After that (and some submerged stroking that was just too obvious – especially after Sam got out of the spa !) all four of us realised that the next stop might be the group area.

When we got there we got plenty of inviting looks from the couples already there. Being new to this, we had four pounding hearts when we walked in. Jay and I began kissing and Jen and Sam began kissing, and after that we fitted in just right ! The rest was all a bit of a blur, but I remember a girl laying next to us having an orgasm with her man, and Its so nice to appreciate other people’s nude bodies doing more than laying on the beach. It was all very relaxed (except at those frantic moments !), with an equal number of guys and girls. And no, there were not erections waving everywhere !! Well, just enough anyway ! Jay and Sam were obviously quite happy !

My advice for newcomers – find another couple in the same boat and you will find a lot in common. Also, plenty of foreplay ! Guys listen !! – don’t start anything too soon even if other people around you are ! A couple you reaally like might come in later !
Just enjoying it at the same pace as another couple means you won’t get swept up in that big urge ! And this is a really unique experience so make it last. Also for you swinging guys; another girl will see how well you look after your partner and she might just keep you in mind if she is looking for a guy, although a lot of girls there want to be with other girls too.
Be prepared for other couples to ask if they can join you, but if you don’t want to you just say to each of the guy and girl in the couple that you are staying with each other that night they will usually get the message with all smiles.

It does get a bit crowded at times and if having other people touch your partner or yourself accidently (or not) worries you then maybe pick a quiet night if they have those.

If you like other couples seeing you then there are plenty of opportunities !

Thanks for a Great Night ! xxxxx

(Jay & Sam correct initials names changed)

Last friday / Testimonial

The Couples Club,

Thank you very much for a fantastic night on Friday night, It was a great
We came to the club full of nerves, and unsure of what to expect, we rang the bell and were met by a very friendly hostess and were asked if we had been before, when we said it no, she could not have been more helpful and explained how the club worked.

We then went up to the bar area and had a glass of wine, it was just like the lounge of any club, with good music playing, although the hard core porn on the tv behind the bar said we were not in any normal club!

There was just one other couple in the club when we arrived, and we quickly got chatting to them as we played pool, there was an immediate spark between the two girls with a bit of flirting going on. Aftera little while they asked if we wanted to go to the spa downstairs, and we headed off to the changing area.

We got out our locker key and with a few nerves we stripped off and put our sarongs on to go to the spa.We all climbed in together and chatted for a little while and then the girl started sucking the other guys cock, bit of a surprise, although it shouldn’t have been I spose! My girl was not interested in another guy that night, she wanted to try another girl so when the guy tried touching her, she declined his interest and we got out to have a look around the rest of the play areas.

We first came across a small room with a couple of matressess and saw 3 more couples that had came in playing in that room and we watched them for a little while before moving on to the main play area.It had about 12 mattrassess on the floor and although it was empty we were feeling so horny that we dropped our sarongs and I lay my girl down and started to lick her wet pusssy as she stroked her beautiful breasts, she then started sucking my cock.

After a couple of minutes we decided to go for another drink and headed back to the bar area, there were few more couples in by this time and we all introduced ourselves and just chatted, It was then that my girl started chatting to an american girl and the atmosphere was electric between them!

It was not long before we were back in the spa and the two girls were kissing and touching each other, it was a very erotic sight. the girls then moved to the main play area as her guy and myself chatted for a couple of minutes before following them through, what an amazing sight it was when we saw them, my girl was laid back stroking her breasts and playing with her nipples as the american girl had her tongue licking gently at my girls clit and was putting her fingers in too making my girl even hornier! the american girls man asked if he could suck my girls nipples but she declined and he respected that.

Then they changed places and my girl went down on her and we both touched her and then we both started sucking her nipples as we touched each other.The sight of these two beautiful girls making love brought a few more couples through to watch and it clearly got them horny too as a few started playing and swapping as they watched. All the guys respected the girls when they declined the advances, except one who was a bit forceful and had to be told a couple of times, which was a bit annoying.

All and all an amazing night, one we will never forget, in fact when we got home, we never got to sleep for hours as we were so horny from the experience!

We were made to feel so comfortable and it didnt even feel strange to be sitting in the bar area surrounded by topless girls, and at no time did it feel sleazy or dirty.

We hope to be back this friday and if its half as good as the first time, another great night is promised.
I would say if anyone is interested in gentle swinging, the couples club is the best place to go first.
If you are in any doubt,email the club, they are superb and will put you at ease.


Mel & David

Long Distance Romance @ The Club

Hello, my partner Steve and I attended your club for the first time last week, & we had an AMAZING time.
It was our 1st experience and loved every moment of it!!
However, Steve (Melbourne) and I (Sydney) are in a long distance relationship ATM, & we take turns in visiting.
He is back 1st week in July so we will be visiting you guys again,

For our first time it was all so amazing!
Your hostess was warm, welcoming & very comforting in answering all our questions…
Your bar staff were incredibly friendly & your facilities are very comfortable & we had a wonderful time in having our 1st experience at your club…
See you again next month!


John's Story

I once read in a Hustler  Magazine in the 80’s an Article headed “The History of Swinging” it started off by saying “Group sex is not a new thing it has been around for ever, and more people joined together in orgies under the name of religion than at any other time, thousands would be involved and the high priest who presided over these events was “John (my surname)” amazing, it was my name how Bizarre, maybe I’ve come back as myself.

In Sydney it all really started with the publication of a magazine (paper) called Searchlight, published by a man who called himself Mr D, people would place ads with photos, this was revolutionary for the time, to be able to see nude photos and ads of like minded people you could contact and play with, and so the swinging scene in Australia – Sydney began.

Swinging parties then started to  happen, in peoples houses at first, and then in hotel rooms, the guy who organised these parties, was an  attractive guy in his 20’s called Rodger, Rodger would place an ad in Searchlight, saying  swinging couples will be meeting at a bar, giving the place time and date, all welcome, wear something yellow to be identified, they ended up being called yellow tie nights.

People would arrive look around the bar, spot someone with a yellow piece of clothing, there would be 30 or 40 couples, all crowded in a bar that usually was empty, the staff were all wondering where did all these people come from, and what’s with the yellow, great fun, how else could couples meet, there was no internet.
I went to my 1st meeting at the Five Doors Bar on Cleveland St, it was a real eye opener, I was very young only just old enough to be in a bar, there were lots of people too many really, so Rodger grabbed me and my girl, and took us over and introduced us to some other really attractive couples, there were about 25 couples in this section, we were all talking getting to know each other, I noticed all the time Rodger was working the floor, taking the not so attractive couples over to the other side of the bar, and getting them talking, then after a while I heard him say to the other crowd, “who has a place we can go to and have a party”, a couple said ’‘we do”, Rodger took out a pen and wrote down the address and handed it out, saying after a while “lets go we will see you there, OK bye see you soon, bye, and eventually off they all went, then to my amazement he came back to our group, and announced, “well that got rid of the ugly ones now lets all go back to my place for a party!”

So off we all went to Rose Terrace a very small lane parrell with oxford street behind what is now Good Bar, the place was small, we all packed in, people got down to fun, girls were half naked, guys were half naked, and in no time a full blown orgy was under way, I just stood there jammed against the wall looking in amazement, Rodger was standing his arms around two very attractive naked girls, and under the cramped conditions he stepped back right into me, he turned around and said “sorry mate who are you again?”, then he asked, “isn’t that your sexy lady over there?” I said yes, he then asked “why are you over here”, I replied “I am just watching”.

That was a moment for me, one of those moments you have only once in a life time, I had a strange feeling when the orgy started, the feeling that I was back home at last, I did not know why, (it would be 10 years till I read the article in hustler), I felt connected, it was a deep a very deep sense of belonging, I did not want to join in, I just wanted to savour that moment, it lasted and is still with me to this day, for me it is never about getting my rocks off, it’s almost spiritual, tapping these primal desires and instincts, instincts a select few people still have and act on, despite societies conditioning.

Rodger ran parties for many many years, and we are still close friends, he was Sydney’s original King of Swing, The next was Mr D he started to organise parties, and eventually opened Sydney’s 1st Swingers Club, in Cooper St Surry Hills,very near where The Couples Club is today, called the Penthouse Club, it was at the top of a six story building, people had a great time, this Club lasted about 2 years, the next guy who started to run things was Denis, he ran parties at his apartment on New South Head Rd, over looking Rushcutters Bay Park, it was now the mid 80’s we were all having a wild time, we would be with a dozen or more girls in a night, they loved it, we loved it, it was pre AIDS every one had unprotected sex, it was the norm, we didn’t know it, but times were about to change.
Denis eventually moved to a home unit in Elizabeth Bay, in the same Street as Toff Monks were my brother lived, after several years Denis sold out to a guy from Melbourne called Sergio, Sergio became the next King, he moved things to a terrace in Broham St. Kings Cross, and ran great parties there for years, there was a spa and a bar it was busy and a good looking crowd, I still see Sergio he is a cool guy.

In 1990, I went to a new club that I had heard was opening in Moore Park on South Dowling Street, the door was opened by a tall handsome blonde guy named Peter, there were about seven other couples, almost every one was under thirty and very attractive, especially the girls, three of the couples were international travellers, the night went off, a great success, and that night The Couples Club was born, and as fate would have it I was there.

The Club moved form Moore Park, to it’s current building in 1994, I continued going along and Peter and I became close friends, I had an interesting call from him in 2002, in fact most of the calls from Peter were interesting, he is a real character, he trained at NIDA, and loves to entertain every one, but this call went like this “Mate a girl wants to buy the Club, and I think I am going to sell.” I replied “Mate you can’t do that”, His reply was “I don’t want to sell to her, I want you to take over the Club, you have been living this lifestyle longer than any one, you should take over” he went on “I want to go, I’ve been doing this for twelve years, I am not making money, and I am sick of getting my cock sucked” so we did a hand shake, and I took over. (Imagine a job interviewer asking, Peter why did you leave your last job? Answer: “I was sick of getting my cock sucked”) The Couples Club is the longest running Swingers Club in Australia, it has been operating for over 20 years, and attracts couples from all walks of life. I feel privileged to be running The Club, a special place where peoples sexual fantasies come true, a club like no other in this country, and few overseas.

A Big Thank You to Peter and to the tens of thousands of couples who have visited The Couples Club over the years for making it what it is.


Best Wishes