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Swinging A Personal Account

Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside a Swingers Club? Well, you’re about to find out as we take you behind the scenes.

As part of my research I had to take my husband along with me to explore the unknown for our readers and experience first hand something we both knew nothing of. Only couples are allowed to enter the premises of this club, I was unable to go alone. We had absolutely no idea of what to expect, and both held many different misconceptions of what goes on in places such as these. Rumors obviously spread by people who had never set foot in a Swingers Club either.

When we first arrived, we rang the buzzer a couple of times and waited. As we were waiting another couple arrived so we all entered together. We walked up a flight of stairs leading to the next level, rang the doorbell of a huge wooden Gothic door and were immediately greeted with a warm welcome by the friendly and handsome proprietor, Peter. He informed the other couple that it was already very full and that there were no spare lockers available. They had no intentions of leaving as this was their big night out so Peter allowed them to socialize in the cocktail area until there was a free locker available.

Peter explained the layout and rules of the club, such as no drugs, no singles, no pressure, then introduced us to a very attractive barmaid and left us there to look around at our own pace. We ordered ourselves free drinks and went for a bit of a wander. I drank champagne all night long while Mark started off with scotch and coke before converting to scotch on the rocks.

The club was very clean, modern and spacious, with sexy dimmed lights and soft tasteful music from various artists to set one in the right mood, Madonna’s Erotica was playing. The first level was divided into three sections, the first section you see when entering is the cocktail area with an Art Deco Bar, couples are sitting around drinking and socializing or playing pool. Some were fully dressed others were clad in dressing gowns. Much to our surprise there were other young good-looking couples besides ourselves there, this thankfully set us nicely at ease.

We sat there for a little while and conversed with the couple that were waiting for a spare locker. Mark had a game of pool with the other guy, and by this time I think we were up to our third or fourth round of drinks. The couple were finally given a key to an available locker in exchange for sixty dollars, usually one hundred and twenty dollars, but tonight there was a half price special on.

The club was absolutely packed with more new arrivals by this state. Everyone we spoke to told us that this club was the only real couples club to swing at, someone said that they had been to quite a few other swingers clubs but since they’d been to this club they didn’t bother going anywhere else.

Mark and I decided to explore further into another section which was obviously the fantasy play area, comprised of a large red room and

three smaller private ones. The large room had an enormous red bed which spread from one side of the room to the other, covered with various couples getting it on or off, either just with each other or with others entwined. The three smaller private rooms next door to one another had peepholes into each neighbouring room. Two of the private rooms were occupied by heavy breathing or loud groaning participants, but the other room which had some light bondage equipment was yet to be taken. We walked back to check out the big red room again, as we were having a good perve we noticed that several other couples were just browsing through also. One room had a massage table instead of a bed, but the activities were the same, unless the art of massaging has changed over the years.

By this time we were very curious as to what was happening in the other areas, so we went straight into the spa room section, past the shower facilities and locker rooms to witness a massive orgy taking place in the spa bath. It was quite hard to define which body parts belonged to who, as everyone in the spas seemed to somehow be attached to the other. Everyone seemed to be very much at ease with the activities taking place, and all the participants were obviously having the time of their lives. There were erotic movies being shown on monitors everywhere, but who needed to look at the monitors.

A gorgeous blonde came over and introduced herself to us and said she wanted to talk to us we chatted for some time, then she and her boss went off to play. We next explored upstairs to find a huge New York style penthouse overlooking downtown Sydney through enormous undraped windows. More young good-looking couples, fully clothed, were socializing around a large fireplace in the center of the room, this was slightly more intimate than in the cocktail area downstairs.

By this time Mark was whispering words that were music to my ears, “Honey do you want a massage?” We went back down to look for Peter and ask for a locker key. Fortunately Peter was at the Bar, and quickly organised a key for us. In no time at all I was on that massage table with not only Mark massaging me but another pair of hand were also soothing at my tired muscles. I wasn’t going to complain because the other pair of hands felt just as good as Mark’s, the backs of my legs were in heaven.

The rest of the night was a complete blur to me as I had one too many champagnes, but I remember I had a really good time. The place was such a turn-on even for couples that didn’t participate, I’m sure just being there would have been enough to change up anyones sex drive.

I highly recommend The Couples Club! A very interesting night out for broad-minded couples. Our sex life at home is much better now as it has taken on a whole new dimension. Definitely a horny experience!!

A Note on the Above Story: This Story was written in the mid 1990’s.
Peter who started The Club has been gone since 2002 when John took over.
This Story is typical – There’s always sexy fun and excitement every night at The Couples Club.