Special Events

Get it Off & Get it On Party
Our last party was a wild success don’t miss this one

The Couples Club invites you to “Get it Off & Get it On” for a night which goes back to basics …. for some naked swinging fun! Tonight is strictly couples & single ladies only with almost all areas of the club open for play.

We’ll have a deep sexy soundtrack and the lights down low.

Sydney we know you LOVE dressing up but we also know you LOVE dressing down. We’ve had club guests suggest this style of party for a while so we’re expecting a very sexy guest list. Dressing down means you can get into the swing of things that much easier and with playing throughout the club this will be a night of exhibitionists and voyeurs.

It’s about time Sydney had a play party which was focussed on play. You won’t want to miss this party!

Get yourself on the guest list and pay only $100 if you arrive by 10pm (see details below for other pricing). Email us at [email protected] and get your names on the guest list now!

Proudly sponsored by Adult Match Maker

Special Monthly Events Starting January 1st 2018**

First Friday:  First Timers Friday (No changes just date**)
Second Friday: Angels $ Demons Party (Yes Changes and Date**)

Cost of entry: Dressed up couples $100 entry till 10.30pm after $130 entry
Single Girls $30 Normal Dress $150 per couple.

Coming Soon: Bunny Club Party (New Event**)

Cost of entry: $150 per couple $50 Single Girls
Party Features:

  • Club de’core Bunny Club.
  • Bar Girls in Bunny outfits.
  • One girl does tray table service.
  • One girl behind the bar Topless 10pm till Midnight
  • One in theme strip show at 11.30pm
  • Girls may pose for photos (Tips Apply)
Proudly sponsored by Adult Match Maker
Last Saturday: Casanova Party

Topless Hot guys behind the bar as previously advertised.

Friday 23rd March: Get it off & Get it on