Casanova Party

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Casanova Party

The Couples Club on the Last Saturday Monthly brings you a unique event for couples & single girls, to delight the ladies. With sexy male bar & wait staff & a hot male stripper. Find your sexual pleasure at the Casanova Party.
Cost Of Entry $150 Couples Single / Girls $50

Casanova was the greatest seducer of women of all time, the master of seduction. So, in keeping with Casanova’s tradition, The Couples Club brings you a unique event, catering especially to the ladies. Delight in going astray while you dance and flirt with other sexy couples on the Night Club level and if that lingering touch on the dance floor excites you move down to the Fantasy level where you can play. The sexily clad male bar staff and drinks waiters will be ready to fill your glass with merely a glance and our sexy male stripper will linger after the show to flirt with the ladies. The sexy play is only limited by your imagination.

The Couples club is like a nightclub with the option to play, you do what you want to do, there’s no pressure. But couples can move to the Fantasy Level where there is a huge spa, B&D area & six play areas and have sex with their partner and possibly others, something you can’t do in main stream night clubs in Sydney.

The Couples Club is Sydney’s ONLY council approved sex on premises adult club.

Casanova once said that “cultivating pleasure was always the chief business of my life” so at the Casanova Party we’ll take a sincere interest in your pleasure.