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Article on Swingers a Visit to The Couples Club by By Genevieve Perez  June 2018 

The club will stay open later on Sunday as it is always busy when Monday is a Public holiday: Entry $100 couples Free 4 Girls - 


Angels & Demons 

Wow!!! What a night 51 hot Swinging couples and 6 hot single girls it was a young good looking crowd and The Club went Off.
Everyone had a wild time and the 3 bar girls were run off their feet serving drinks until after the stripper @ 11pm.
Then No One upstairs from midnight, 110 people all downstairs doing their own thing.
They eventually came up for air about 1am then went down again, and again, and again at 3am when we close there were still 20 couples hard at it, 
It Was Awesome.
 Don't miss July  Angels & Demons held  "Friday 13th"  Wooow - it will go off - be there & Go Wild !!! 

Casanova Party  June 30th 
This party is the second best night at The Cub last month we had 49 couples and 6 single girls who are there for the Hot Guys we have working behind the bar at Casanova the bar guys are allowed to have a bit of fun on the night which makes it for the ladies getting to play with Hot Cut Guys.

If you can make it come along on July 28th it's a wild night you'll have fun.!!!


The Couples Club Early Swingers History

The couples club was formed in 1992 it is Sydney's - No Australia's Original Swingers Club.
It was started by a youngish guy called Peter Cohen, Peter had been many things, and among them an actor he had studied at NIDA the prestigious academy that had produce greats like Mel Gibson & Cate Blanchett, he had done modeling work with the June Dally Watkins agency and many many TV commercials of the time.


Peter also had a somewhat different side to him too he had worked for a famous underworld figure running some sexual venues, so it was just a simple step for him to come up with the concept of a Swingers Club he named it The Couples Club, it opened it’s doors February 1992 and this is how I found it.


My girlfriend at the time I met on a flight out of Dallas Texas to Sydney, she sat next to me and we talked for hours in all that she told me she really wanted to try sex with another girl so I told her there is a Swingers Club opening next Saturday I’m taking you and you can live out that fantasy, we hadn't even landed in Sydney yet.

Saturday we went out to dinner in the city, had a leisurely drink and then made our way to the venue on South Dowling Street in the same block as the old Reishces Brewery. 

I pressed the buzzer near the door and it opened. We entered only to find that another locked door. I could feel that we were being watched, assessed. She was holding my left arm with both hands and I could feel her trembling. I looked down to check if it was excitement or fear. She looked up at me smiling, then kissed me on the mouth. Good, it was definitely excitement.


The door in front of us suddenly opened and a very handsome blonde guy, appeared before us. He was over six-feet tall, had a strong, lean-looking body and piercing blue eyes. He was probably in his early thirties. ‘Come in.
We entered a room that had about ten other couples in it. As I scanned the crowd, it was a good mix of couples mostly young but older couples too up to mid-forties.
My girl fitted in perfectly she looked Hot she t
old me she was excited to be actually in a Swingers Club.

I had been worried that the place would be full of rough types or working girls there was no telling the sort of clientele opening night at a swinger’s venue would attract.
The blonde guy introduced himself as Peter and his lady was Jackie. She had a European accent and she was very pretty with a small, nice body. Peter then introduced us to the other couples.
‘This is John and Victoria, everyone,’ Peter announced. There were smiles and handshakes and then cheers all round as they served free champagne.


After an hour or so chatting and drinking champagne, we were all getting a bit wasted and I noticed some couples were starting to disappear upstairs. I asked, ‘Do you want to go up?’
‘You bet! Let’s go!’ She was keen, like a racehorse before the starting gate.


We changed into club robes, put our clothes in a locker and made our way upstairs. There we entered a large room that had wall-to-wall mattresses on the floor with sheets covering them. There were about fifteen people on the mattresses doing all manner of sexual tricks. 
We knelt down to be less conspicuous.


I noticed a girl in the middle of the group who was kneeling down, giving her man a head job as he lay on the floor. She had a really nice bottom; her legs were spread wide also so she could get down low on him. I ushered Victoria around to the other side so we could see the girl’s vagina. It looked even better sitting directly behind her. You could look between her legs and see her tits hanging down and his cock moving into her mouth. 

Victoria was near salivating, shaking and trembling, she was so excited. I whispered to her, ‘Go on your back, pussy first, under her. Pussy first.’ She looked shocked. ‘Are you sure?’ she whispered. I knew their legs were both wide enough that she could do it. ‘Yes. It’ll be Ok.’ I smiled down at her and said, ‘When you’re in there, just start licking her.’ She looked scared but I just moved my head in the direction she had to go. 


So she removed her robe and started to slide her legs slowly under the girl. The girl felt her underneath and momentarily paused her sucking. Once in place, the girl resumed sucking her man and Victoria rolled her head back, chin up to look at me for approval. I nodded. She got up on her elbows and put her face up into the girl’s pussy. The girl stopped sucking for a moment then started sucking twice as fast. It was so fast in fact, that her man started cumming almost instantly, right down her throat. Victoria could feel and hear the excitement, so she doubled her own efforts. 
Once the guy had blown, he slid away from under his girl so she could pay attention to Victoria. She then put her face down and started licking Victoria’s vagina. Well set up, I thought. But then I had been doing it a long time.


The other people in the room were eagerly watching the girls going for it. In no time, Victoria had a shuddering orgasm. But instead of stopping, the girl just slowed her licking to let Victoria get over it. When Victoria stopped convulsing, the girl went back to full speed and in no time Victoria went off again. After about two more trembling orgasms they fell apart. 

I slid over to Victoria and cuddled her. She was flushed bright red on the face, neck and chest.
‘Are you Ok?’ I asked. ‘Am I OK? Fuck, I have just had the best orgasm I have ever had. I think I’ve been to heaven and I haven’t come back yet!’  


I took her back downstairs for champagne to celebrate and to help her come down. After a while Victoria’s new girlfriend came down they sat together side by side at the bar, then after a time they moved to the dance floor and started dancing closely and putting on a bit of a show for the crowd.
The more champagne they had, the better the show got and when they finally moved upstairs everyone in the club followed. 

Once upstairs Victoria and the girl got right down to it
. After all, they had been enjoying some serious foreplay on the dance floor. Everyone gave them their own space and only once did some guy try to join in. I said quite sternly, ‘Leave them. They want to be together.’ He didn’t seem to get it, so I waved him away. Swingers’ clubs are not brothels.

There are no sex workers and guys don’t have the right to assume because they paid an entrance fee that they can play with whomever they want when they want. The proper etiquette in swinging is to ask to participate but it’s usually more subtlety than a direct request. You have to test the water by making eye contact, or trying a touch or caress and you have to wait for some kind of signal that it is welcomed. If you don’t get it then you aren’t invited.


 After a short time and several smashing orgasms, a few other girls joined Victoria and her girl. Soon there were five girls in a big tangled heap in the middle of the floor licking and sucking and moaning. Victoria emerged from the heap to get some air. 
She came over and cuddled up to me, ‘Let’s go down for a drink.’

When we came back up the four girls were still at it and three of the four girls guys were sitting together, backs against the wall watching their girls in action. They were all stroking their cocks as they looked on. I noticed the guy in the middle had a big, great-looking dick.

Victoria went to sit but I pulled her up and said, ‘Follow me over here.’ I led us over near the last guy on the right. As she went to sit down again, I said quietly, ‘No. Suck that,’ and pointed to the big fat cock in the middle. She gulped and looked at me uncertainly. 
‘Go on, suck him,’ I whispered in her ear. She got that familiar ‘naughty girl’ look on her face and slid over to the guy. She knelt in front of him and without a word of greeting she bent down and opened her mouth.


There were no objections from the guy. She had to open her mouth wide to get the thing in, and she almost gagged on it. Then she turned her face to me slightly to see that I was watching. I said, ‘What about the other two boys? They want you to wank them while you’re doing that, don’t you boys?’
They both nodded vigorously. 
So she reached out, big cock in her mouth, and starting wanking the other two cocks. It all got very exciting, for me as well as the other three. I love to have the control.

The guy with the big dick started pumping the thing into Victoria’s mouth and she loved it. The harder he went the faster she wanked the other two guys. After about a minute the guy on the right, next to me, blew. Victoria was swinging his dick about in such away that the cum went everywhere which triggered the guy getting sucked to blow.


She kept sucking and copped it sweet. Then not to be outdone, the guy on the left leaped to his feet and blew all over Victoria’s tits and face. She was looking good.

After a few more adventures we found it was way too much fun we left at 3 am when Peter closed up.

That is Pretty Much a Blow By Blow of the First Night @ Sydney's First Swingers Club.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Peter was doing great things with The Swingers Club it was now getting busy so busy in fact that it had outgrown its present location. He called me up and asked me if I would look at a new venue in Surry Hills he wanted my opinion on its suitability so I obliged, the venue was, in fact, the club’s present location in Commonwealth Street it moved there in 1994.

Though out the years that followed the club grew and grew and gained lots of notoriety.
In fact, The Sydney Morning Herald did a lead story article in their Good Weekend supplement on The Couples Club.
(You can read the article on the media pages of this website)
Then after that Channel 9 did a half-hour segment called “Parties” about a young couples first-time adventure going to the famous or should that be notorious Couple Club.


With all this high profile press the club was on a role other press followed and the club it’s self-was packed to the rafters, when you got there at 10 pm an hour after opening there were no more lockers, you had to wait for couples to leave to get a key so you could change into club robes and go play.


Over the years Peter and I had become very close friends indeed, he would call me all the time for business advice and to share the highlights of his Swingers nights. So it came as a complete shock one day when he called and said, “Mate I Going” I said where are you off to? He said, ‘ Nowhere I’m Leaving The Club!!’ I said, ‘Mate you can’t do that.’ He said, ‘Yes I’m going I’ve made up my mind.’ I asked, ‘But why?’ He Said, ‘I’ve been here for 10 years that’s long enough and besides I’m sick of getting my cock sucked.!!  


I cracked up only Peter would come up with a line like that. ‘Mate, someone wants to buy it and I am going to sell it. But,’ he said, ‘I don’t want to sell it to her you know her, Sandy, she comes to the club. I want to give it to you. You are the one. You have been doing this, living this Swingers lifestyle longer than anyone in Sydney. You should take it.’ I was flattered and interested.
He continued, ‘John, you haven’t worked for almost ten years. Take it – it’ll give you something to do!’ ‘Mate, if you are really going to do this I will come in and we can talk about it.’
‘Well, come in this afternoon. She wants my answer.’ He said.


I went in. We agreed on the details of the deal, shook hands and the deal was done.
As part of the conditions, I said, ‘But I can’t take over the club for about a month.’
‘Why is that? ‘Because three weeks ago Dee (My Girlfriend) and I booked a trip to Paris to visit the swingers clubs over there. ’Peter was amazed. ‘Before you knew you would be taking over the club, you booked to go to the swinging capital of the world? To look at their clubs?’ Yes!


 I went to Paris with its Fifteen swingers clubs and what an eye-opener it was.
We didn’t get to all of them but we went to the best of them, well what can I say they were French, The venues were amazing the clientele were amazing the prices were amazing, A night at one of their clubs cost two three or even four times more than a night at The Couples Club.


I learned a lot about swingers club that if I hadn’t gone I would Never have known.
Thank You, Universe for organizing the trip.


I hope you Enjoyed reading this background story about The Couples Club.

Wishing You Happy Times

The Images Below are of Peter Cohen The Clubs Founder Who sadly passed away in 2013


There are so many classic stories about Peter, The Swingers Clubs founder here is just one.

They had demolished the building next to The Club and were digging the car park for the building in sold rock. 

I went to visit Peter he was living in the club at the time.

We went out into the back courtyard and he had a very large pair of speakers on the wall of the courtyard and they were playing classical music loud - very loud, down into the excavation, I knew the tune but couldn’t put my finger on it.

 I asked him, “What the fuck is all this about?”

He replied with gusto, “Fuck them, I told them, No JackHammers before noon on Saturdays because I work running The Swingers Club next door till 3 am Friday night – The Cunts wouldn’t listen so they can have this, it’s Ravel’s Bolero, on repeat non stop !!”

I looked down into the excavation the men were laughing and some of them were even doing a bit of an Irish jig and even gave us the finger.

I said, "Peter - It’s not working.”

He replied, “It will just one song on repeat over and over and over every day from seven in the morning till they knock off at four, every fucking day until they crack !!”

I went to The Swingers Club a couple of weeks later with my girl and I couldn’t wait to ask him, “How did the music go?”

 He bursts out laughing, slapped his knee still laughing said, “Fixed those Fuckers”

Laughed some more then went on:

“Nothing happened for a couple of days but I kept it up.

Then I’d go out and some of the guys were throwing rocks at the speakers but they were so far up they couldn’t hurt them.

The next day a bloke pressed the buzzer, I went down and he said,” ‘Turn off that fucking music or I’ll punch you in the head!”

Peter said, “Really! Well, I’m not turning it off mate! so go right ahead and see how you go!”

Peter was six foot four and tough, the guy thought better of it and went back to work.

Peter said, “Three more days went past and when Peter looked in the hole there were only half as many men working, then another day went past even fewer men were there, then at lunchtime the club buzzer went off, the voice said, “It’s the foreman next door Please come down I want to talk to you.”

Peter said, “I went down to see him, he was almost in tears.”

He said, “Please I am begging you turn off that fucking music - Most of my men have walked off the job and the rest are saying they won’t be back tomorrow unless the music stops!” Bingo

He paused before asking, “So will you Please Stop The Music?”

 Peter said, “We could have avoided all this, all I wanted was to get some sleep,

So I asked you - No jackhammers before noon Saturday I'm Working in The Swingers next door till 3 am?”

The foreman said, “Yes I Know I promise you - I Promise No Jackhammers.”

Peter went out the back and turned off the music, and the men in the excavation all broke out into cheers, whistles, and claps one even bowed.

Don’t Fuck with Peter.


Sep 12, 2015 Stories

Over the last 10 years or so I have visited many clubs overseas and couples at The Couples Club are always asking, where they can go and get some action, while on holiday, so I have set out some of my favorite overseas clubs, that you may wish to visit whilst on holiday.

Website: www.fun4two.nl
Undoubtedly the best swingers club I have ever been to, located 40km from Rotterdam this place is great value and is packed with 150 couples every Friday Saturday and Sunday night, the cost is 100 euro, with food and alcohol included.
Built in a heritage listed farmhouse, the club has a large bar and dance floor area and restaurant downstairs, and on the fantasy levels over 20 playrooms all on a different theme, where you will lose your self, people come from all over Europe and in fact the world to this club, it is truly international.

Summary: I would thoroughly recommend this club to anyone, you won't find fault with anything, Disneyland for Swingers.

 Paris has about 15 clubs, most of which open every night of the week, most Paris Clubs don’t open till late 11pm and as a rule don’t provide lockers or change facilities.

La’chandel: 1 rue Therefe (near louvre )
This club is truly Paris Class, built in catacombs below the street, but fitted out like the plushest of nightclubs.
La’chandel is very hard to get into, it’s all about how your girl looks at the door, they turn away two hundred and take in one hundred couples nightly, so have a back up plan if you go, in case you don’t get in, if you get in it is a real experience, the couples are all dressed to kill the cream of Paris, just looking around the crowd is exciting, the club has only three bedroom areas, but this club it is not about sex it is about being there. 
: If you can get in, you will have a great night, cost of entry 80 euro, no comp drinks anymore, watch the cost of drinks!  water (tap) $30 AUD beer $60 AUD  if your not careful you will get a bill at the end of the night for $500.
unlike the night we went to Valerie the owners Birthday Party a couple of years ago, we drank French champagne all night and it was all free.

Overside:  92 rue Cherche Midi Gaterie le sevrien 75006 PARIS
This club opened to take up the couples turned away from la Chandel, it is very well appointed, big dance floor, good bedrooms, places to watch the action. VIP booths which I don’t like, I don’t think clubs should be them and us, the music is good, good mix of people, it gets busy but not in the class of la Chandel 
: My number two choice in Paris.

Two + Two: 9 boulevard Edgard Quinet -75014 Paris  www.2plus2.fr
The original swingers club founded in 1974, and still going strong, a nice cozy club with plenty on action , which is rare in French clubs, girls must wear a skirt to get in. I have had some great nights here, the mix of exotic looking people in the bedrooms can be amazing, women from all over the world, something you don’t ever see in Australian clubs.
: My third choice in Paris, can be really good and everyone plays.

Au Pluriel Club: 13 rue Francois Miron PARIS 4e
One of the original clubs in Paris, a bit older crowd and single guys make it not everyones cup of tea, there is a buffet from 8pm till 10pm included in the entry fee.
The club is on three levels, the bottom level has a dance floor, and some bedroom areas, it is fun and if you don’t like the extra guys just shoo them away.
Summary: Younger couples or couples who don’t like extra guys around probably won't like it.

le Nautilus: 18, rue feydeau   75002   PARIS   www.lenautilus.net
Nice small well fitted out club , open plan with interconnecting cubicles, where if you like the couple in the next cubical you can slip thru the wall and play with them.
Summary: Nice friendly club can be a bit quiet at times.

NO Comment: 36 rue de Ponthieu 75008 PARIS
Again built to take the rejected couples from la Chandel, and no expense was spared, we went there just after they opened and were greeted at the door by the owners daughters each holding in their arms real baby tigers.
Very plush venue massive dance floor, the bedroom areas are exciting but small, and like lots of people who open clubs and throw cash at them, it just does not work somehow, and the club didn’t take off.
On our last visit, they had started to let in selected single well-groomed guys, and there were lots of lovely single young model looking girls there too, who flirted with us and the guys, I got the feeling they were available at an extra cost.
: Great looking club, was too quiet so along with couples you get a mix of pretty girls, and selected single guys with cash (now they get their money back)

le Chateau: 103 rue Marceder , PARIS 18e
A different club, very alternative mix, with transvestites and couples all thrown together, I tried to get into the mood, but with a two metre high body builder in drag with fingers thicker than my big toe, trying hard to fuck me and my woman, some how i just couldn’t relax, in fairness it was a theme night, the club looks great and I believe they have made it even better.
Summary: If you like alternate this place is for you.

Cap D’Agde Naturist Resort South of France

The Naturist Resort at Cap D’Agde is the largest nudist resort in the world, boasting 10,000 beds, the resort opens for the summer only, June to 1st October, built in the 1970’s,  it is a massive private beach area, with condominiums shops restaurants and night clubs , six or seven of which are Swingers Clubs, but the action doesn’t start there it starts on the beach, up until 2002 couples would go into the sand dunes behind the beach and have fun together,  and with thousands of people on the beach the choices were endless, and in the dunes there would be pockets of all types of play going on, from just two couples having sex together, through to crowds of people having sex, and in true European style, there would be no fuss, no one being pushy or aggressive, every one being polite, every one having sexy fun.
In 2002 this changed the cunt- stabullary sent in mounted police, they ride through the dunes and issue infringement notices for indecency, if you are caught in a sexual act, I don’t know how to you identify yourself when you are nude, or put the ticket, but now people rarely go off the beach into the dunes anymore, the action is different now.

There is a section of beach up past the police box, a mile up the beach from the families, some days at around 6pm when the day is almost over, the police have gone home for the day, and every one is horny, people all laying around naked and up close to each other, you get this collective buzz in the air, I have never felt it before, it’s tangable it’s like that calm before a massive thunder storm, the air is charged with sexual energy, attractive people looking at each other, with lusty eyes, looking at each other's genitals, the subtle opening of legs to show off a vagina, someone touching their lover, then a lick, lots of licks and touching, people moving around and then the sound of a women’s orgasm, which excites the 1,000 strong crowd, even more, people see others doing things, and they start doing things, it’s catching, people are now openly fucking, it is really exciting to watch this transition into a mass orgy, and in no time a full blown mass orgy is under way, and no amount of policemen could stop it.
The Clubs: 
The Clubs are different here, the cost of entry is free or inexpensive, people go to many clubs on the one night, they are just like a regular nightclub, you buy your drinks from the bar, sit around in the bar lounge area, and meet people, but somewhere there are bedrooms you may have to go looking for them.

This is the best of the clubs, it is on the beach, has a restaurant and is fitted out beautifully, the bedroom areas are good and are usually packed with people, and the action is great, but in summer it can be really hot.

Le Juls:
Not so upmarket as Tantra, free entry before midnight, it holds about 150 people, the dancing and music are great the bedroom area is small you have trouble getting in, and when you do it is pretty much standing room only, but it is free, you just buy drinks have a dance, have a play if you can and move on, that’s what everyone does.

Other Clubs:
There are about 4 or 5 other clubs, they vary in their appeal and entry costs, several cater for single guys along with the couples, they are all fun at different times of the night, some clubs kick early in the night which is around 11pm and others really get going around 2pm, remember everyone is on holiday, this is a naturist resort, all the women are dressed with next to nothing on, they would be arrested anywhere else in the world, the dress code is Flesh or Fetish for both girls and guys, people come from all over the world to be there, it’s horny, it’s out there, it’s wild fun.

(Optional Reading)
We met a couple in one of these clubs the girls was very very attractive about 22 the guy also attractive 26, they asked us back to their apartment, when we got there he made us a couple of drinks, the action started it was fabulous, after some time I was thinking god I am flying, I asked Nikki are you OK she said yes this is great, it was, then after a while I noticed an extra guy in the action, I though that’s cool,he was early 20’s, then a bit later there were a couple more guys, then sometime later there was a knock on the door, in French I heard a guy say “security” a bit more chat in French, then the owner comes in and says you will have to go, I said why, he said because there is 8 more guys waiting outside to come in, and some one has complained about them, so we left, when we got outside we were totally lost and confused, I had only had 4 beers, after a while we realised we had been given a date rape drug, there are notices all over the place warning you to be careful.
(Went looking for them the next night to do it all again, without the drugs, but we couldn’t find them).

I have found the best way to get there is to take the very fast train the SNCF from Paris, it is cheap and fast, the cost is about AUD 120 return, per person, it is about 1,000 km the train travels at 360 km per hour, the trip takes about 3.5 hours.

Book online and book no later than February for the season, to book for August book the year before. be sure to get a room with air conditioning, it gets really hot and you want sleep without one. the cost varies but 9 days in a self-contained bedsit cost AUD 1,100 in July.

I hope you find this information helpful and informative.

Best Wishes



King of Swing



John Thomas  




 Chapter 7

It was after midnight when I walked into the club recently.
Kendell, the manager greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
We moved to the bar where a petty girl in a French maid outfit was busy serving drinks to couples. 

She wasn’t what everyone would think of as pretty; her hair was short, cropped to one centimeter and she had a very androgynous face, so it was hard to distinguish if she was a very pretty boy or a pretty girl. But her body was fabulous!
The tightly tied maid’s top pushed up her bust showing off her cleavage. Kendell introduced me, ‘Angie, this is John.’
She broke into a big smile and gave me the eye.
‘John,’ she said,
‘Would you like something to drink?’
‘Sure. Would you do me a gin and tonic?’
She smiled and nodded, then moved off.

 I chatted with Kendell until my drink arrived.
Then Kendell said to Angie and me, ‘Let’s all sit down, there seems to be a lull at the moment.
Most couples seem to be downstairs having sex.’ I looked around.
There were only half a dozen couples left upstairs chatting here and there in the recesses of the club, almost invisible in the sexy red gloom. It is a gloom unsuitable for almost any other nightclub but it is perfect here.

We sat together on the red velvet lounges – the girls on one side at right angles to mine, with Angie nearest me.
Once seated, I said, ‘I love the name Angie, it reminds me of that Rolling Stone song.’       
‘Ilove it too!
I don’t use my real name here.
I like the excitement of being in character.’

We all chatted. Several times Angie went off to serve drinks and I watched her move across the floor thinking it was a pity she was a dyke.
Sometime later, when we were all seated, Kendell said, ‘I didn’t expect to see you here tonight.’
‘It’s the third Friday of the month, or did you forget?’
‘Is it? I did forget!
Oh well, too late now.’ ‘Too late for what?’ Angie asked. ‘John always goes to the Hell Fire Club, it’s on tonight,’

Angie looked at me quizzically and asked, ‘Why don’t you go?’
‘I don’t like to go alone, it’s much more fun to go with someone.’
She look excited by the prospect, so I said,
‘Would you like come with me when you finish?’
‘Sure, I’d love to but I have nothing to wear…’
‘Wear your French maid outfit. You look perfect in that.’
‘It’s club property – I couldn’t wear that!’ 'What do you think Kendell, can she borrow that for the evening?’
Kendell smirked then said, ‘Sure, no problem.’
‘I think we need to find you some hair, are you cool with that?’
‘I like my hair,’ Angie said bluntly.
I smiled. ‘I would like your hair too, but at the moment you don’t have any!’

On the club bar in a reclining pose lives a mannequin. A beautiful Euro mannequin with her long legs in the air showing all present her bottom. She wears nothing but fishnets and a pair of sexy lace undies.
The effect is marvelous. She has perfectly shaped breasts, and an amazing face with piercing blue eyes under a short cropped blonde wig.

I asked Kendell if Angie could try on the mannequin’s wig, adding, ‘It will look great on her.’
‘Well, there is a sign saying “No Touching”, but for you I suppose she can.’
Kendell went over and retrieved the wig and handed it to Angie. ‘Here you are, try it on.’
It looked as good on Angie as on the mannequin. Kendell and I both fell back on our lounges to admire her.

Angie asked, ‘Well how’s it look?’
Speechless at the transformation, I eventually said, ‘Go over to that round Versace mirror and take a look for yourself.’

When she saw herself she shrieked, ‘Wow! That is amazing!’ turning this way and that to see the effect from all angles. She came back and glared at me, ‘How did you know that would look so great?’
‘Photographers know these things,’ was my reply.

Two couples came up together from the fantasy level below where they had obviously been having sex, they looked badly in need of a drink so the new Angie went to fix them one.

Kendell and I started laughing. Kendell said, ‘Did you notice she looks exactly like the mannequin with that wig on – exactly the same face and body?’
‘Yes. They could be identical twins!’

Once she had finished serving, Angie came over all excited and said, ‘This is my first night and I am having so much fun! I didn’t believe jobs like this existed.’
‘I know! That’s what I thought when I started here several years ago, this is the best job ever,’
Kendell replied.

 Angie looked up at the clock and said, ‘The night is flying so fast and I don’t want it to end.’
‘It won’t end here,’ I reminded her. ‘It’s going to be a big night.
Hell Fire is loads of fun.’
‘Really? I have heard of it but what really goes on there?’
All I said was, ‘It’s fun all fun you’ll love it.’


*           *           * 


Half an hour before Angie was due to finish Kendell said, ‘You guys can go have some fun if you like.’ She turned to Angie and said, ‘Don’t worry I will pay you through to the end of your shift.’
Angie shook her head almost in disbelief, ‘Thank you so much!’
Then looking at me she said, ‘I get to party and get paid too!’

We said our goodbyes and headed for Hell.

It was a hot summers evening even though it was after midnight so we left without our coats.
Angie looked very special in her maid’s outfit and the patrons at the pub next to the club all turned and stared as we passed to grab a cab.

Once on Oxford Street Angie continued to get lots of admiring looks from both boys and girls alike. Oxford Street would have to be the second gayest street in the world after Polk Street in San Francisco.

We made our way across the street to Rouges Nightclub’s back alley and the entrance to The Hell Fire Club.
As we walked between the convict carved stone walls people emerged from the shadows to greet me. ‘You’re late tonight, John,’ said the first couple. I shook the guy’s hand and kissed the girl on the cheek. And so it went more or less all the way to the entrance.

As we queued, Angie said, ‘Gee! You know a lot of people.’
‘Here I do.’
I had introduced Angie to everyone just by her first name, because I could see they were puzzled as to whom she was. Or was it more than that?
They seemed to be almost shocked when they saw me with her.
I couldn’t quite understand why as my usual partner, Priscilla, was equally as attractive.

At the door we paid, got stamped and headed for the bar.
As we pushed through the pack of half-naked leather clad bodies, I received more greetings from the couples and singles so there were handshakes and embraces all round .
But I couldn’t help but notice the strange looks Angie was getting.

We got a couple of drinks then Angie said, ‘Let’s dance.’ So we headed for the dance floor.

The dance floor was packed but still it felt that everyone was crowding around us.
Angie, being that way inclined, started dancing with some of the hot young girls.
She touched them on the breasts, then moved in close and slipped her hand down into their undies and proceeded to dirty dance with them, their crotches touching and bumping in a slow grind.

More drinks, more dancing, more flirting and we were both fondling the girls.
There must have been ten girls and five guys around us all wanting attention, which we gave out liberally.

Then a strange thing happened. Angie turned her attention to me. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth, then whispered, ‘Do you like your new bar girl?’
‘A lot,’ I replied. We kept up the embrace, turning our attention to each other entirely for ages. When we came out of it, most of the others had drifted away.
I whispered into Angie’s ear, ‘Gee this is unusual for me on a dance floor!’
‘What?’ she asked.
Without a word I took her hand and placed it on my half hard cock. She kissed me saying, ‘Glad to see I can do it for you!’

We left the floor, got a drink and moved to the dim back corner of the club. The dim light coupled with the convict chiseled-stone walls give the place a real gothic dungeon feel.

An event was underway so we found a spot and settled down together to watch the action.
There was a girl in her late twenties tied onto the A-frame being flogged.
She noticed me and smiled.
Angie asked, ‘Do you know her?’
‘Yes, she comes to the club.’

Angie watched excitedly.
I could see she was enjoying the whole thing. She said, ‘She looks so good up there, I want to have a go!’
‘Have you been flogged before?’
‘Only when I have been naughty,’ she said and quickly added, ‘And I can be quite naughty at times!’

When the event was over, Angie went up to the guy with the whip and said, ‘Can I be next?’ He looked her over, smiled and then nodded.

She came back all excited, ‘He will flog me!’ she said.
It doesn’t matter how often I do this thing, I still think there is something quite strange about a pretty young girl being all excited because she is about to be flogged.
Angie looked crestfallen and said, ‘Umm… Why not?’
‘Because I am going to flog you, not him!’
‘But he is a master?’
‘So what?’ I said. ‘He can tie you but I get to flog you.’
‘Are you any good?’
‘I was given a stock whip by my Uncle George for my ninth birthday,’ I said. ‘For tricks I used to flick cigarettes out of my friends’ mouths. I can certainly handle a flogger.’

Angie went back to the master and told him what the deal was.
The girl he had just flogged must have told the master who I was, that can be the only reason he would have agreed to such terms.
Masters live to flog.

Angie and I established our safe signs, a very important part of this type of activity.
Then she stepped up to the frame.
Rake (as I now know him) made a big thing of binding Angie.
He did a great job. He is an expert with rope.

I could see Angie was almost orgasming while being tied.
She was taking deep breaths looking at me and biting her bottom lip, all haired up and looking gorgeous.

Rake had insisted she remove her maid’s skirt and under skirts.
Then he tied her doubled over the A frame with her fishnets down to her knees and her bare ass prone, to be whipped.

Her wrists and ankles were tied down at floor level.
And she looked great with her ass up high and perfectly ready, the crack of her vagina slightly open and her little brown bum hole visible not only to me but everyone behind her.
That is how she was presented to me.

Master Rake handed me the whip, presenting it horizontally the way a sword would be presented to a knight of the realm.
He said very formally, ‘Here Sir! I have prepared her for you.
She is nicely warmed up, I have given her ten lashes!’
I thanked him.

And so under the watchful eye of one hundred spectators I commenced with the flogging of Miss Angie.

Flogging is very like seduction itself.
You must start soft and slow just feeling your way, seeing how the subject is receiving you.

I landed my first stroke softer than a butterfly’s kiss upon her bare bottom, a whisper, just a falling caress with the whip.
Then, finding my rhythm I increased my speed along with the level of pain, which increased as Angie’s pain threshold built. After fifty or sixty lashes I was up to speed and so was Angie.

I had been flogging her butt cheeks one after the other, in a figure eight rhythm and they were flushed bright pink.
Seeing she was ready I landed two heavy blows up the middle of her back followed by a really hard third blow.
I swung the whip up over my shoulder backwards coming up softly between her legs on her vagina. She jumped. Good, I thought.

After several more blows on her back and up between her legs, I walked around front to see she was okay. I had missed the fact that Angie had been gimped, by the master. She had a small rubber ball tied in her mouth to stop her screaming out.

Gymping also increases the effect of surrender, the giving of themselves, being subjugated if you like, handing over their wellbeing and safety to another person. Which is what it’s all about.
The Master or the ‘Top’ as he is called, is fully responsible for the safety of the Bottom, the person under his control.
And the Top’s responsibility is not to be taken lightly – it’s not kindergarten playtime.

Angie had used none of our safe signs.
‘Are you ok?’ I asked. She could not speak so she nodded, wide eyed .
I went back to giving her what she was after, an extreme sexual experience.
I slowly built my tempo again and started to flog her legs, taking extra care because stocking when struck can break skin .
Building…building… Bum cheeks, back, vagina, and vagina again.
I was looking for the sign as to what excited her most.

Flogging her pussy not too hard seemed to be the way so I worked on that.
After ten blows to her vagina she started to cum.

Writhing in her restraints, bucking her ass up to meet my lashes, her orgasm moved in tune with my strokes. I was going fast, hard and fast and then she went into a multiple orgasm where she shuddered on and on, writhing against the ropes that held her.
After she finally finished I slowed the pace to bring her down again slowly, until my blows were again like caresses and she was relaxed. I just let her lay there in post-orgasmic bliss.

I looked around the crowd and both men and women were giving me the thumbs up for a good job well done.

I presented Rake his whip as he had presented it to me and thanked him for allowing me the pleasure. Then we both released Angie from her bonds.

I put my arm around her waist and helped her to the nearest lounge as people made way for us to pass.
I ‘un- gymped ’ her and she threw her arms around my neck and put her head on my shoulder.
I whispered into her ear, ‘Are you Ok?’
She nodded and whispered back, ‘I never felt better in my whole life. Thank you.’
Then she just slumped in my arms. I couldn’t help thinking this is what it’s all about, a night like this.

After a time we drifted over towards the part of Hell Fire where the swingers gather, all regulars at The Club.

As we approached I could see people remarking to each other about Angie. Then on arrival, five people came up to us, lead by Arnie and Alex a Russian girl.
She was a tall, very attractive blonde in her early twenties. ‘So John, we all want to know how you did that?’ Alex looked pointedly at Angie. I didn’t understand.
She went on, ‘We have all talked about it and everyone agrees, John, you have the mannequin from The Couples Club with you tonight as your date, and we want to know how you did that! How did you bring her to life?’

I started laughing, but they were serious and wanted an answer. It was then I realized what all the strange looks at Angie had been about.
‘How I brought her to life is a secret! My secret!
But I must say she looks better in life don’t you think?’ Everyone gave a little clap.

Then someone kissed Angie on the cheek and Alex said, ‘Welcome to life, Angie!’ and kissed her full on the lips slipping her tongue in Angie’s mouth.
But it had been a big night for Angie so I prized them apart and took Angie to the dance floor to come down.

David and Alison, a very attractive couple who run Angels and Demons, a monthly dress up party at The Club, were on the dance floor when we got there. David said, ‘This place is closing soon, lets go to the Columbian for one drink on our way to Arq.’
I agreed so we all headed out together.

Arq is predominantly a gay club with straights thrown into the mix. By dawn, the mix is always good. The dim lighting and lasers along with fantastic throbbing music all go to zoning you out.
We were all dancing, getting quite fucked up now, tired and drunk.

Angie was kissing and hugging me at times while we danced, I said, ‘I thought dykes didn’t fuck boys?’
‘I have. Just not my preference.
With me,’ she said, ‘it’s all about the flavor, if I can get into a guy, I will fuck him.’
‘Sounds like a big tease to me.’
She laughed then replied, ‘If we’re going out in six months you can fuck me!’
‘If we’re still going out in six months you need to be fucked!’
She laughed again then said, ‘I need to take a pee come with me.’

We went into the ladies – I don’t know why they call it that there were twenty guys in there and only one girl! Angie and I went into a cubicle together.

She started to kiss me on the mouth.
I untied the maid’s top and got her tits out.
She pulled away and slipped down her fishnets and then sat on the toilet.
I pulled her stockings down to her ankles to give me a better look and spread her legs.

I hadn’t seen her nice young little pussy up close until then.
I went to touch it but she grabbed me by the wrist, ‘You can touch — but not inside.’
‘Ok,’ I replied. So I rubbed the outside till the pee started to flow, then I soaked my fingers in it and raised them to her mouth, saying only, ‘Lick.’
She licked.

I went back down and got some more, again raising my fingers I was about to put them in her mouth, but slipped them into my mouth instead.
‘Yum,’ I said, ‘You taste as good as you look.’
She smiled and said, ‘Yeah, I know,’

As she stopped peeing she started to play with herself, saying, ‘I have to cum some more!’ She was sitting back on the toilet rubbing her clit hard. She looked up and said, ‘Wank! Please wank! I want to watch.’
My cock was soft so I said, ‘See what can you do with this.’
Still playing with her clit, she said, ‘Put it in my mouth. I’ll get it hard.’
I did and she got me hard instantly. I took her wig off while she was sucking me just to see what it would look like. Fuck she looked androgynous.

Because I was in a gay club, you would have sworn I was in the toilet with a young gay guy getting sucked off. I put my hands around the back of her near-bald head while I rammed my cock as far as I could down her throat. I fucked her face like that for some time, we were both loving it.

Then I moved down and started to lick her clit in competition with her fingers.
Her head was rolling back and she was about to cum when – Bang! Bang! Bang! And a voice called, ‘Security! Come out!’


We both looked at each other. I was down on my knees so I looked down behind me and saw two big black boots under the toilet door. Shit No! Then the boots went up on their toes. I looked up and a big head came over the door and said, ‘What’s going on in here?’

‘Just give us a minute.’
‘No come out. Now!’
‘Ok, ok, let us get our shit together.’
‘Make it quick!’

Angie was in a panic, she whispered, ‘Fuck – we are going to get thrown out!’
‘No I’ll handle it,’ I said softly. She had taken her stockings all the way off in the course of things and was trying to put them back on.
‘Forget that,’ I said, trading the wig for the stockings. ‘Put this on let’s go.’
‘Fuck I am so horny I need to cum!’
I said, ‘Come on, let’s get the fuck out of here.’
‘No I need to pee again.’

I opened the door and stepped out. The bouncer said, ‘What’s going on?’ and pushed the door open again. I looked in and there was Angie sitting peeing. ‘Do you mind? I am peeing.’ But he continued to hold the door open, watching.

To prove she was in fact peeing, or maybe just to prove she was in fact a dirty little girl, she leaned back to show him her pee. The problem was in doing so the pee shot up over the top of the toilet seat hitting the floor at the bouncer’s feet, splashing piss all over his boots and the bottom of his pants.

Fuck Angie! Don’t make this any worse!
I pulled the door out of the bouncer’s hand and closed it.
He looked in my back pocket and said, ‘Are those her stockings?’
‘Get her to put them back on.’
Sure now he just wanted to perve , I said, ‘No. She wants them off.’

Angie came out and walked straight past the bouncer to the basin and washed her hands.
Then as she finished at the basin, I said, ‘Come on.’
She fell in behind me as we left the washroom doorway and went back into the club. He’d had had his perve and stood aside to let us go.

Back on the dance floor we zoned out and lost all track of time. It was a long while later that Angie said, ‘Lets go out, I need a smoke.’

It was a beautiful morning not a cloud in the sky as we looked up from the small alley between the two buildings of Arq, all the gay men loved Angie’s outfit they started talking to her asking why she was dressed in a French maid’s out fit , she told them it was her uniform at the swingers club where she worked, they were most impressed, and that she had borrowed it to go to Hell Fire Club.

The fresh air was great but the sun was up and there was no getting away from it’s glare which always fucks with my head. Going into the light of day from cyberspace is a cruel thing.
The world seems too bright and real.
I looked around and said to Angie and the assembled smokers, ‘If this is reality give me a good fantasy anytime!’
We went back to cyberspace until Arq closed at nine-thirty that morning. Then we headed back to the Club so Angie could change into her civvies.


*           *           *


I lay on the bed in the staffroom, watching her undress. She looked great totally naked.
Then suddenly, with nothing else but a pair of little boys’ undies on, she said, ‘I want to sit on your dick so I can feel it through my undies.’ She straddled me took hold of my stiffening cock and started rubbing my knob on her clit as I suck on her pink nipples.

She inserted my knob inside her and groaned as it found it's way in, she started to ride my cock harder and faster, then after only a minute or two she started to cum riding hard as I held her by the nipples squeezing and twisting them, she fell on top of me when the orgasm was over.
Then whispered in my ear, 'I told you I was horny.'

We both enjoyed it, but then I said, ‘Let’s go.’ I didn’t need to fuck her, the next time we met we worked together, and that turned out to be a very different story, but that’s for another time.

She finished dressing while I straightened myself up.

We embraced on the street then she went one way and I went the other.

As she walked off she called over her shoulder, ‘I like my new job!’ And with a big smile she added, ‘And my new boss!’ and blew me a kiss.


What Happened Before Swingers Clubs and The Internet


Swingers met thru a magazine called Searchlight where Swingers posted photos nude and text about what they wanted and who they wanted to meet and you paid a fee and replied to their advertisement.

My girlfriend and I had been doing that for a while then in one edition noticed a very interesting advertisement. It read: Like minded swinging couples will be meeting at a bar in the city first Saturday evening next month. Reply to this ad for full details, with photo if possible.

We were definitely curious about that. We sent off another nude Polaroid and received a reply in the mail setting out the meeting details. Couples were to meet at nine pm sharp at the bar and to wear something yellow. 

We turned up just after nine and the small pub was full of people. Lisa and I went to the bar and ordered some drinks. While we were waiting a tall, handsome guy in his late twenties came up and introduced himself as Roger, saying, ‘I see you have a yellow tie. Are you here to meet other yellow people?’

Yes we are,’ I replied.

He took us over to meet about ten couples standing in a group in the corner. It was pretty exciting to think that all these young people wearing something yellow were hoping to have sex with each other!

More couples arrived and Roger met them and brought them over. The crowd was getting fairly large now; there were about 20 couples in the small bar and the staff couldn’t keep up with the orders. When I went for the next drink, the girl behind the bar asked me, ‘What’s going on here – we noticed that everyone has something yellow… Is it a birthday get together or something?’

What could I say? “We’re meeting here before we go to fuck each other! She wouldn’t have known what swingers were,
So I just smiled and said, ‘Yeah, something like that.’

Roger kept working the floor, moving couples around and introducing them to each other. It intrigued me for a while. He was taking couples from our group over to another group that had formed in another corner of the pub, and then occasionally he would bring a new couple from that group over to ours. After some time I realized that all the best looking couples were in our corner!

At about ten o’clock Roger approached the other group and said, ‘We were going to have a party! Who has a place we can all go to?’
A very eager couple called out, ‘We do!’ ‘Good,’ said Roger, ‘what’s your address?’
He took out some paper and a pen he had and handed it to the guy. ‘Please write it down.’ The guy wrote it down then Roger started copying it out for everyone. He handed a copy to each guy.
Shortly after Roger said, ‘Is everyone ready to go? Finish your drinks and let’s go!’ People started gulping down their drinks and heading for the door.

Roger kept on their case, ushering them out the door. ‘Ok good, we will see you there… Ok sure, we are leaving now, see you then.’
A few couples wanted to come over to our group and come with us. ‘No,’ said Roger, dissuading them with, ‘we can all catch up at the party.’

Once the last of that group had gone, Roger turned to everyone in our group and announced, ‘Good! Great! Good, that’s got rid of the ugly ones! Now we can all go back to my place for our own party!’

I was shocked and so was Lisa. We looked sideways at each other without saying anything (but I guess we were also secretly pleased we’d been included in the ‘good-looking’ group!).

We took down the address and off we went to Rose Terrace, a very small lane parallel with Oxford street. The tiny terrace house was behind an old theatre. By the time we got there, there were about twenty people crammed inside the three-meter wide lounge room and there were more to come.

We’d brought some wine with us so we found glasses, took a few gulps for courage and started to mingle. Everyone was friendly and in no time at all things started to turn really bad, but in the best possible way.

The two best-looking girls started kissing on the lounge, then fondling each other. It didn’t take long before some other girls joined in. There were four girls on the lounge kissing and fondling. They started sucking each others’ breasts, then one of the girls leaned over the back of the lounge to allow another one to lick her vagina. I continued to watch in awe as the girl moved on to licking her bottom.

This was all new to me. I had never seen anything like this. With Dominic and Trudy the couple we mainly played with, the girls never touched each other. I found myself with an enormous erection.

The girls’ performance was like a match to dry grass. People started getting it on everywhere and within minutes it had developed into a full-blown orgy. Everywhere I looked people were kissing and fondling. Lisa was approached by a couple and asked to join. She looked for my approval which I gave without hesitation.

As more people arrived, the place became even more crowded and I backed up against the wall. I just stood there jammed against the wall looking on in amazement.

I had been there sometime when Roger, his arms around two girls and a bare breast in each hand, stepped backward knocking into me.

He wheeled around and without letting go of the girls’ breasts enquired, ‘Who are you again?’
‘Who are you with again?’ he asked.
‘Her,’ I said, pointing to a now half-naked Lisa.
‘Oh yes, that’s right she's Hot,’ he said. ‘What are you doing here, why aren’t you joining in?’
‘I am just taking it all in.’

Over time Roger and I became good friends and that encounter has stuck in both our minds to this very day. We often still laugh about it.

Soon it seemed that everyone was naked except me. But I was just riveted to the spot. It was an unforgettable moment for me. I had a strange otherworldly feeling when the orgy started. I didn’t want to join in. I just wanted to watch. I wanted to savor the moment, savor the sexual freedom on display. I didn’t know why, but I felt connected, a very deep sense of belonging. It felt like I had been set free…That I was back home at last.

That feeling of being free and deeply connected is still with me today, all these years later. It has never just been about getting my rocks off; it’s almost a spiritual experience tapping into these primal desires and instincts. Instincts a select few act on.

Years later I read an article in Hustler magazine about the history of swinging and group sex. It said that group sex was not a new thing and that it has been around forever and that more people joined together in orgies under the name of religion than at any other time… Thousands would be involved and there was one particular notorious high priest who presided over these events was. And there it was. My name. My full name. Amazing.
Maybe this life I’ve just come back as myself!

Eventually, after about half an hour of watching the action and several requests, I joined in.

The experience was amazing. There was a sea of naked bodies crammed into the tiny room and while making love to one girl, you could suck some other girl’s breast. Or you’d be banging away as some other guy penetrated a girl right on top of you, so close you could watch her trembling into orgasm.

It was pre-AIDS and post-pill so there were no condoms involved. Many of the girls I went with were already full of sperm and when I started to go hard it would gush out all over me.

One of the things you realize through having group sex is that sperm isn’t slippery by accident. It is the ultimate personal lubricant and a willing girl full of semen is designed to make you orgasm. I am sure that millennia ago when we lived in small hunter-gatherer communities people weren’t ‘monogamous’; if one of the females was on heat, so to speak, it’s more than likely the males all did the deed with her and the strongest or best genes were naturally selected. So nature came up with a solution to an overheated vagina that also carried the seed.

And something else you realize having group sex is that girls loved being full of sperm. I see it all the time. Once a girl starts to be taken she goes somewhere else in her mind, she is transported to another plane, lost in space lost in time. Loving every minute of being taken by the tribe of men, I think it's hard-wired into the female mind, there was never marriage the women were just part of the clan if you like, and as such if they were down for it they were fucked by everyone, sad to say but even if they weren't  down for it they were probably fucked by every one, well i guess the species had to propagate to survive.

*           *           *


Roger continued to have parties and every party was amazing. Big numbers of couples would meet for dinner and then go back to Roger’s or somewhere else to get naked and lose themselves in utter debauchery.

Rodger ran parties for many years. He was Sydney’s original ‘King of Swing’.

Hope you enjoyed that glimpse into Swingings early days in Sydney.