Over the years The Couples Club has been featured widely in the media. Below are just some of the articles to feature the club:

Good Weekend Magazine Featuring the Couples Club
Sydney Morning Herald – Good Weekend Magazine
Extramarital affairs can spell disaster for many a relationship. But what if there were some sort of licensed adultery which both parties shared a passion for? Well, break out the bubbly, the baby oil and the satin sheets, because swinging is back. Read full article.

The King Of Swing
The King of Swing – Sophie Lloyd –
Twenty years ago, John Thomas attended the opening night of Australia’s largest five-star swingers’ club. Little did he know that a decade later, swinging would become more than just a part of his life—it would become his livelihood. John talks to Sensa Nostra about his personal and professional involvement with swinging, and how swinging reflects social change and sexual liberation. Read full article.

Cosmopolitan Mag Article Featuring The Couples Club
Tara Tries Swinging – Tara Sullivan – Cosmopolitan Magazine
Curious to know what goes down behind closed doors of a couples club? So was Tara O’Sullivan…Sitting back in the relative sex-safety of the bar upstairs, I think about how wrong I had been about this place. I’d been more than a shade judgemental. Sure, this kind of sex club isn’t for everyone, and it is undeniably naughty. But it’s far from the sleazy cliché I’d imagined it to be. Read full article.

So what's it like to visit a swingers club?
So What’s it Like to go to a Swingers Party? –
One of the surprising things about the night in question was the openness of just about every attendee. There were a bunch of hot people there, a few older folks, a smattering of less attractive couples and about everybody in between, and the most striking thing about the whole night was the complete lack of snobbery based on looks. Read full article.


The Couples Club has also  featured in the following media:

  • Channel 9 TV Parties program
  • ABC Radio Life Matters
  • A Personal account
  • Nine to Five Magazine / About What happens @ The Club / Sept. 2007
  • Sydney Morning Herald / Spectrum on Fidelity August 2007
  • SBS TV Program DECADENCE Featured The Couples Club January 10th 2007
  • Mark D Kennedy  Radio 2GB Interview with John about The Couples Club.
  • NEW WOMAN Magazine “I AM A SECRET SWINGER” A single girls visit.
  • ABC Radio: 30 minute segment Life Matters.
  • Sydney Morning Herald: Relationships.
  • Sydney Morning Herald: Swinging Etiquette.
  • Foxtel Cable TV: Mars Venus.
  • 3 Mobile Network: Video Tour, Inside The Couples Club.
  • Ralph Magazine
  • Australian Women’s Forum
  • A 30 minute segment on TCN Channel 9 Party Program
  • Penthouse Magazine
  • High Roller Magazine
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